Growth-Driven Design Benefits #2: Deliver Results Faster


If you saw the first infographic in this series, you know that Growth Driven Design (GDD) is a new model of website design that helps alleviate common pain points of traditional website design. Looking for a little more detail? We’re glad you asked!

One of the biggest benefits of GDD is the timeline to launch. Often with traditional website design, you are waiting months and working tirelessly on your website before it’s ready for launch.

Here’s a question that GDD poses: If you know that your users find value in 5 or 6 specific pages, then why are you killing yourself on getting every single page right from the start? This is especially problematic if your website has hundreds of pages. Why not, instead, focus that energy on improving those high impact pages that your users are interested in? Through the GDD methodology, the importance is first placed on these high impact pages, and the rest of the site is prioritized based on each page’s impact.


GDD BENEFIT #2: Deliver better results and launch on a quick timeline







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