Growth-Driven Design Benefits #3: Rely on User Data, Not Guesswork


Infographic one and two introduced you to Growth Driven Design. Now, let's talk about how it can save you time and energy. You know how it goes. You’re excited because the website is nearly done. Now all you need is the stamp of approval from The People. The Board of Directors, the decisions makers, the owners- whoever they are, they make the call. Maybe it's one person. Maybe it’s 12. Everyone simply needs to come together and say, “Yes! Launch it!”

But that never happens.

Instead, while you’re proudly showing off the website, everyone is interjecting every three seconds to make a recommendation.

“What if we made the logo bigger?”

“Should we make the background dark instead of light?”

“I think we need to add these pages”

“What if we tried a different font? You know, something clean and modern, but also classic?”

Everyone and their mom wants to get their two cents in, and by the time the session is over, you have an insurmountable number of changes.


Base it on data

Growth Driven Design solves this issue by basing all decisions on actual data. Starting with persona data and educated assumptions, we build out the Launchpad and get the site up and running. By launching quickly, we’re able to start tracking user data and obtain user feedback. From that moment on, each change we make is based on actual user data. Guesswork and opinions go out the door. Sometimes it can be a little tough to swallow, but ultimately catering to your user’s needs is far more important than fulfilling the wishes of the web team or owner.


GDD BENEFIT #3: Rely on User Data, Not Guesswork or Opinions 





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