AI Usage Guidelines

Using AI ethically to enhance our human talent.

As a forward-thinking marketing agency, we leverage technology like artificial intelligence (AI) to boost creativity and productivity for our clients. However, we want to be fully transparent about our AI use.

How does Vye use AI?

When we say we use AI, what we really mean is that we use AI tools to help generate ideas and kick-start content creation. But rest assured that nothing ever goes out the door without extensive human review, editing, and approval.

How do our clients benefit when we use AI?

At Vye, human creativity, talent, and judgment remain essential to great marketing. AI simply allows us to operate more quickly and efficiently so we can spend more time innovating versus doing repetitive work. We apply AI thoughtfully and ethically to supplement — not replace — our team. We don't fully automate or outsource content or strategy to AI without human oversight. We focus on quality first — always.

Our promise to our clients

Our talented team of strategists, designers, and writers add their expertise and creative flair to everything we deliver.

  • We adhere to strict quality control measures. Every AI-generated deliverable undergoes human review, editing, reworking, and approval.
  • Our pricing reflects the time and talent our experts invest in each client project. Our rates are benchmarked regularly to ensure they align with the expertise we provide.
  • Our team is continually growing skills to better leverage AI’s potential. Through training on optimizing AI tools and strategically applying output, we are finding ways to increase productivity, not reduce workload.

Our talent is (and always will be) driven by humans

Our commitment to clients continues to revolve around delivering great creative strategy and exceptional execution with efficiency. The human minds at Vye make that happen. AI just gives us a helpful productivity boost!

Questions or concerns?

AI is still emerging, and how it's leveraged for marketing investments can lead to a lot of questions. We get it.

Let us know if you would like to learn how AI will be used to produce marketing strategies and deliverables for your company. We'd be happy to walk you through our process.

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