Growth-Driven Design Benefits #1: No More Website Redesign Headaches


You wake up with a groan and drag yourself out of bed. You’re irritated all morning, and the traffic on the way into work makes you even crankier. And what set off your bad mood? You know the very first meeting on your agenda today it going to be the worst. Two words: Website Redesign.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what industry you’re in. You can’t help but to feel an impending sense of dread at those two words. Those fifteen letters mean late nights, less sleep, high pressure, and – worst of all - proofing. Endless pages to go through and triple check.

Trust us; we’ve been there. We’ve been there more times than we can count. You would think that being in the business of website design, we’d have it pretty easy. It’s actually the opposite. We’re constantly feeling the pressure to change it up, whether it’s to update the look or functionality. So yes, we’ve been there.

But never again!

Alright people, I’m going to let you in on a little trade secret. In this day and age, website redesigns are an unnecessary torture. You no longer have to deal with a poor performing website for two or more years before you get to change it. It’s the 21st century, people, and websites are magical. Like unicorns.


Here’s How it Works

We call it Growth Driven Design (GDD for short). You might call it ‘website updates.’ The basic gist of it is you take your current website and, instead of redoing everything all at once, you do it in pieces. Okay, I know that doesn’t seem revolutionary. But here’s why it’s the new and improved way to do website design. There’s a whole system behind it. It’s a science, with statistics and equations galore. It’s all based on real user data, and not guesswork or opinions. Honestly, it can get complicated pretty quickly. To summarize it, we’ve put together the Five Benefits of Growth Driven Design in the form of five infographics. We hope these will help explain why GDD is the best solution to your website redesign problem.


GDD Benefit #1: Reduce the Headache of Traditional Website Design



Ready for reason #2? Check out the next infographic!

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