Moving From Product Focused to People Centric

Challenging industry standards with a fresh take on a brand that's out to change the world.

Medical, Healthcare, Life Sciences

The Challenge

EvaClean offers alternative infection prevention solutions and environmental management consulting — so naturally, the business hit fast forward at the onset of the pandemic. Their website traffic skyrocketed as hospitals, gyms, airplanes, schools, hotels, restaurants, and other industries raced to find ways to implement infection prevention best practices.

However, as the pandemic subsided, demand declined, leaving EvaClean at a crossroads. They had new marketplace awareness and wanted to continue building their brand, reputation, and business revenue — but they had to find new ways to nurture and talk to their audience.

The work was multi-dimensional, focusing on three areas:

Build a new website on HubSpot CMS
Align online experience with brand
Convert traffic to form fills


The Solution

Dan Clifford, CMO at EvaClean, wanted to reposition the brand and website strategy. Rather than using fear-mongering as a means of bringing people in, he wanted to focus on the people EvaClean is helping keep safe.

Vye created two phases of work, focused on understanding what makes EvaClean an alternative infection prevention solution versus traditional solutions. As a result, we established their tone and voice in messaging and strong headlines that tell the story (e.g., “it’s time to break up with bleach). Through this approach, we also introduced the people and faces that EvaClean is helping and gave their brand some personality.

We also focused EvaClean's website strategy on offering more conversion opportunities (and simplifying the ones that exist) and adding empathy-based calls-to-action. Using HubSpot CMS, we were then able to analyze traffic, engagement, and make informed marketing decisions. 

Phase 1 Summary: Research and Strategy

The foundation of every website that becomes a demand generator is empathy. For EvaClean, Vye completed:

An audit of brand tenants, history, and promises that included interviews with internal stakeholders (sales, customer service, leadership).

Creation of consumer persona profiles by interviewing consumers, establishing buyer patterns, goals, needs, and pain for three segments:

  1. Hospital-grade buyer (high stakes environments)
  2. Professional grade (e.g., firehouses, schools)
  3. Basic grade (e.g., offices)

Key term research was conducted to uncover what consumers are using on search engines, as well as an audit of various web analytics including click and heat mapping, competitor analysis, and industry best practices. 


Deliverables in Phase 1

Research findings

Design mood board

Website map

EvaClean website homepage

Phase 2 Summary: Design & Development

The Vye team brought the strategy to life in Phase 2 by using the data collected in Phase 1 to sketch up the high-impact pages, as well as the other layers of the website (e.g., landing pages, blog pages).

We completed wireframes next, including drafting content for high-impact pages. With these elements in place, we designed mock-ups to show EvaClean the overall look and feel of their website. Last, the development team stepped in for front-end and back-end development, during which content was entered, automation elements finalized, and accessibility and Q/A testing completed, ending with the successful launch of the website.

Key metrics

SEO ranking, issues/flags, technical performance

Time spent on page, bounce rate

Traffic and conversions

EvaClean consulting webpage

The Results

The new website launched in April of 2022. Since then, EvaClean has experienced growth across multiple metrics. 

Maybe more importantly, the new website stands out from an industry that’s stale and less focused on the human element. The research upfront laid the groundwork for us to position the brand as approachable, safe (for the environment and people), and most of all effective.

The updated design presents Evaclean as a forward-thinking organization that is ready to transform their customer's methods of cleaning through safe and effective products.

EvaClean Protexus Sprayer disinfects lobby

Growth by the Numbers

Increase in web traffic
Increase in organic keywords
Form submissions
Conversion rate on top-performing form
New contacts

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