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A tool to redefine what success looks like for a globally-renowned valve manufacturer.

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The challenge

DeZURIK, started in 1928, is a global leader in the valve manufacturing industry. They serve clients in water and sewage treatment, water distribution, pulp and paper, chemical and petrochemical, mining, power, hydropower dams, and other process industries. 

The level of customization needed to produce valves that benefit the needs of their customers varies dramatically from project to project. Because of the varied specifications,  preparing price quotations required extremely complex logic. 

DeZURIK needed a technical solution to this challenge. They came to us in 2012 to build an online configuration tool that was:

  • Easy for the sales team to use 
  • Constantly up-to-date with pricing data
  • Consistent and accurate in developing product quotes 

This tool, which we call the Configurator, was the project that ultimately launched our longstanding partnership with DeZURIK.


The solution

Building this Configurator tool was no small feat. With over 9 million (yes- million) configuration possibilities, this tool had to draw from a comprehensive and constantly updated data pool. The design and user experience was a crucial part of the strategy and build. This tool would be used by salespeople across the globe, and needed to offer a simple and user-centric experience for a highly complex function. 

The tool automatically draws from a continuously updated excel spreadsheet on a daily basis. Complex equations built into the spreadsheet translate information and support the functional website tool. The tool manages hundreds of quotes and orders each week, and critical business decisions are made based on statistics gathered from the tool. 

“Because of all the work we’ve done together over the past 8 years or so, our tools are considered best in class - thank you!”
- Jean Dockendorf, Marketing Communications Manager at DeZURIK

The results

This dynamic tool has created an environment where salespeople can quickly and consistently provide accurate quotes to customers. The importance of this in a product system as complex as what DeZURIK offers cannot be overstated. This tool increased efficiency and thereby created a better end-customer experience.


Key platform information

We built the Configurator on Concrete5.
We built the tool using PHP MySQL.
The tool was integrated with their Baan ERP system.

There’s a tool for that

DeZURIK came to us initially to build the Configurator. The success of this project led to other high-impact projects. We’ve helped DeZURIK create other custom tools to amplify business growth, including an order tracking and making system and an inventory management system. We also created an air valve sizing tool that allows the sales and engineer teams to build a virtual pipeline in order to anticipate the exact valves a project will require based on factors like length and elevation. 

We’re incredibly grateful for our partnership with DeZURIK and look forward to helping them build more customized tools to help them hit their company goals.

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