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The challenge

Creative Memories is an international company widely known for starting and leading the scrapbooking industry with world-class products and a passionate home-based salesforce (called Advisors). Over its 30-year history, Creative Memories has seen a fair amount of change, both internally and with their customers. 

Our relationship with Creative Memories started in 2014 when the company relaunched operations under new ownership. To meet market demands, Creative Memories needed to offer an exceptional e-commerce experience to both their Advisors and end customers. 

This e-commerce experience needed to:

  • Handle massive amounts of traffic and orders during short bursts of time.
  • Seamlessly integrate third-party applications to manage end-to-end processes like Advisor commissions, order processing, and fulfillment. 
  • Deliver a consistent and user-centric experience to both the Advisors and end customers.

The solution

After identifying a strategy to provide the best possible Advisor and customer experience, the system was built on Magento 2. Some of the key needs of this platform included:

  • Complex contact attribution and management through a third party integration between Magento and a genealogy system 
  • Marketing enabled through a Magento and Klaviyo integration
  • Platform flexibility to evolve capabilities in response to organizational growth 

Much of the foundation work was spent ensuring that end customers could be assigned to specific Advisors, and to ensure that Advisor commission payouts were on time and accurate. 

As the company grew through an innovative social selling model, the platform evolved to handle immense amounts of traffic and order quantities. Creative Memories is known for hosting product launches and promotions several times a month that result in a flood of visits. It was critical to build a platform that could handle the influx. Rough estimates indicate that orders processed during these launches have increased by roughly 500% since the beginning of the partnership. 

“Vye has amazingly RESPONSIVE support. It is so refreshing to work with Vye and experience no red tape. Their support team is reachable and responsive 24/7 when it comes to system critical issues. This support has been critical to CM offering first class customer service.”
- Lynn Kelzenberg, Online Store Manager

The results

Since the start of the partnership, the scope and scale of our work with Creative Memories has grown substantially. What started as an e-commerce platform build has evolved into a strategic partnership. With daily communication and constant platform iterations, we have become an extension of the Creative Memories team. 


Key platform information

We built the system on Magento 2.
We built the platform using PHP MySQL.
Natively Built Extensions
We have custom coded 25+ natively built Magento 2 extensions.
Third Party Integrations
We have integrated 8+ third-party plugins with the system.
We have supported the CM team during a 500% growth in order peaks

Great partnerships evolve and grow

Our partnership with Creative Memories started in a very technical space: figure out how to build a seamless platform to make sure that orders are processed, contacts are assigned, and Advisors are paid. With much of that foundational work established, our partnership has shifted into the realm of sales and marketing support. We look forward to helping Creative Memories dominate in their market through sales growth.

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