Storming Onto the D2C Scene

B2C, D2C Adventure Apparel
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The challenge

Bluestorm, a water safety company for avid fishing and paddling enthusiasts, was ready to take its brand to the next level. After transitioning from an OEM for Cabela's to an independent D2C business, they needed to establish an identity and create an experience that would resonate with their audience and make a big splash in a crowded industry.

The solution

When it comes to websites, branding, and generating buzz, our team knows exactly how to create the perfect storm. We zeroed in on the components that would help Bluestorm go from being the new kid on the dock to the captain of the ship. 


Our account team sprang into action to chart a strategic course for Bluestorm. We began by assessing their current digital presence and goals. After performing competitor audits, we developed a comprehensive digital plan. This included devising creative campaigns with visuals and messaging tailored to key customer segments and optimizing the online shopping experience through updated product pages and enhanced functionality. The goal was to streamline the customer journey and bolster Bluestorm's digital presence.


Our content team conducted interviews to understand the audience and create the ideal target persona. From there, we tested the waters with a lift in the brand look, new messaging, and design concepts before presenting them to Bluestorm's leadership team.


Once a new brand identity was established, our dev team made significant updates to Bluestorm's website to make it consumer-facing, including layout and design updates for better UX, blog and pillar content for enhanced searchability, and a proprietary tool that matches shoppers with the ideal PFD for their adventures.

Product promotion

With everything in place, our teams drafted, designed, and launched a boatload of email marketing, paid media, and social initiatives to grow the brand and showcase Bluestorm products. 

Key metrics

Website Sessions
Online Store Sales
Sales Revenue

The results

Compared to the previous year, we helped Bluestorm boost:

  • Social sessions by 239%
  • Website sessions by 130%
  • Store orders by 21%
  • General sales by 10%

Awards & recognition

Bluestorm's updated look secured the Vye team a Gold MarCom Award for Digital Design in 2023. 


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