The Brief


Amplify your spark.

You once had a spark, an idea, a super strength that caused you to start something. Over time, and with a lot of noise in the world, it’s easy to clutter our businesses with the add-ons “we should do.”

People don’t hire you, buy from you or recommend you because you’re mediocre. They do it because your spark is exceptional. Is the spark at the center of your business today? It should be.


Tell us what you learned.

Everyone loves a success story, especially one stacked with details recounting where you started and where you landed; what you didn’t have and now have in abundance; how your world changed from small and limited to vast and filled with possibilities.

But simply focus on the landing, and you will short change yourself and your audience. Don’t forget to share the lessons you learned along the way. In fact, save the descriptive details for the lessons learned, and you’ll be more apt to apply these learnings to future endeavors, allowing you to grow and inspire others to do the same.


We measure, so we know.

But sometimes, we simply don’t want to know the answer. When was the last time you checked the balance of your retirement account? Have you ever avoided a visit to a doctor, who might inform you of the effects of a high fat, high cholesterol, low-exercise lifestyle? And even more personal, have you avoided the scale because… well, we know why we avoid the scale!

But not measuring doesn’t change the answer. This applies to business, too. What are the measurements you’re avoiding? The sooner you know and can learn the answer, the sooner you can move the results in a desirable direction.


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