Facts and Stats You Want to Know About Inbound Marketing [Infographic]

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing methodology provides a framework for marketing in today’s world. Outbound marketing, which is interruptive, outdated and ineffective, no longer makes the most sense. User habits have changed. Buyer habits have changed. Have your marketing efforts changed?


What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a user-focused, leading edge (NOT bleeding edge) methodology that makes your website, your products, and your services visible to the customers who are trying to find you. And yes, they are trying.

If you’ve ever sighed helplessly while a search engine gives you search results for everything you don’t want, or if you’ve tried rephrasing and changing your search terms in order to bring up something that must exist, you’ve already wished for inbound marketing. If the company you were searching for had applied inbound marketing, they would know you. They would understand your pains, your motivations, your wants, and your preferred search terms. They would have made themselves visible to you.

If you have marketing questions, inbound is the answer. If you’re part of the 65 percent of the human population who are visual learners, you’re in luck. We’ve put together an infographic to aid in your inbound education. And, for thos of you who are less-visual learners, there’s a little something for you after the infographic.


It’s All About Your Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. Your buyer persona has dreams, goals, frustrations, relationships, and fears. When you create content, you’re creating it specifically for your persona.

It’s completely normal for businesses to have multiple buyer personas, each one representing a specific group of ideal customers. In order to catch and keep the eight-second attention span of your consumers, you’ll need to create content specifically for them.


Build Your Website for Your Users

In a lot of ways, your company's website is a tool for your customers. It’s a way for you to create pathways for your customers to find you. During each decision and each query, consider what your persona would prefer, and anticipate what they want. 

Relevant Content

Users want information, and you want to inform.

SEO & Key Term Research

Uncover the words and phrases your persona would use, and use those words in your content.


Describe your company, products, and services in ways that resonate with your personas and address their needs. 


Provide valuable, helpful information or resources to your users that they access by sharing their information.

Social Engagement

Interact on the social networks your personas use.

Email Marketing

Share useful, relevant content to users who’ve indicated interest.

Set Goals that Make Sense

If your goal is to increase revenue, you still don’t start there. You create content that drives traffic to your site. You incentivize that traffic to request your offers, turning them into leads. You engage and help your leads until they are ready to become customers. Once they’re customers, you continue to help them. That’s how you increase revenue. That’s how you accomplish your goals.

That’s how you inbound.

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