An Introduction to the HubSpot CRM

Inbound Marketing, Sales Enablement

If you’re unfamiliar with the HubSpot CRM, you've come to the right place. To get things started, let's begin with the term, CRM. CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management. In simple terms, it is a technology-based tool that manages a company’s interactions with current and future customers. 

This tool is built for today’s hyper-integrated and highly-mobile sales teams. The best part? It’s free. Yep – they believe in it so much that they’re willing to share it with everyone (even if you’re not a HubSpot customer).

What is the HubSpot CRM?Here’s a rundown of ten super cool features (along with mentions of a few fee-based add-ons):

1. Smart and Organized Categories 

The tool is organized into four categories: Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Tasks. All details within these categories are stored inside a database which can be shared with your marketing contact database. Yep – they talk to each other. This interaction allows your entire team to access the same information while working towards your common goals.

2. Personalization

You can personalize your views, create custom fields unique to your company, organize columns, and filter your top contacts.

3. Auto Web-Crawl 

When you add a new contact and their company to your database, the tool automatically crawls the internet and simultaneously adds valuable company and key employee details and information.

4. Social Profiles

Social media profile details are also generated, making it easy to connect or follow.

5. Connect On Your Terms

When it’s time to connect with your lead, within the tool you can:

  • Create tasks and type notes unique to this contact.
  • Schedule meetings and send invites using the Google Calendar integration.
  • Send and log emails through the tool or tracked emails via Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, and Apple Mail. The tool provides email templates for consistent communication across leads. It also will tap you on the shoulder when your emails are clicked or opened. Ok, not literally, but you get the point.
  • For a fee, you can even place calls from within the tool. Log the notes from your conversation and optionally record so you can reference or share as you wish.
  • All interactions with your prospect or lead are recorded inside their profile via a helpful timeline view. This log makes sharing leads with others super simple, as you can see what contact methods were used and when.

6. Integration

For another fee, it offers website integration which tells you when your leads connect with your brand.

7. Smarketing

The tool is integrated with HubSpot's marketing platform so marketing can capture, score, and hand off leads to the sales team. That’s Smarketing at its finest.

8. Find New Prospects

You can even fill the pipeline by finding new prospects through the tool’s database of over 13 million companies (and counting). Sort by characteristics most important to you – like company size, industry, location, and revenue.

9. Track Deal Status

Reporting allows your sales team to track the progress of various deals.

10. Mobile App

It’s available to anyone on-the-go via HubSpot’s app for iOS and Android.

Let’s recap. HubSpot CRM is a free tool that keeps your sales team organized, helps them communicate more effectively, aligns sales with marketing, tracks deal statuses, and makes everyone look like a rock star? We’re convinced. Are you? 

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