HubSpot Digital Marketing Director

HubSpot Digital Marketing Director 

Company: Vye Agency

Location: Remote

Position Type: Full-Time


As the HubSpot Digital Marketing Director at Vye, you'll be the go-to for all things HubSpot. As a seasoned expert with a dazzling array of HubSpot certifications and accreditations under your belt, you’ll have an impressive track record of driving inbound marketing strategy. Not only will you be the go-to HubSpot guru for the entire agency and our clients, but you'll also lead a team of inbound marketing aficionados and take charge of a myriad of digital tools and strategies, from Databox and GA4 to Google Tag Manager and beyond. You will be responsible for 25 hours of billable client work each week, and the rest on leading, guiding, managing and innovating on behalf of our team and clients.

You’ll know your way in and out of all of HubSpot’s  different hubs and can confidently claim the following:

  • HubSpot Expertise:
      • In-depth knowledge and mastery of the HubSpot platform, including its CRM, marketing automation, sales, and service hub features.
      • Understanding of HubSpot's various tools like workflows, lead nurturing, email marketing, landing pages, and analytics.
      • Provide lead intelligence to empower sales teams, close the attribution loop, and deliver the ultimate buying experience, delivering immense value to both organizations and clients.
      • Technical Proficiency: Manage the technical aspects of HubSpot, including marketing automation and CRM, to generate, distribute, and report on client priorities.
      • Customer-Centric Solutions: Assist clients in achieving their business objectives by offering tailored professional services encompassing revenue operations, technology integrations, CRM strategy, demand generation marketing, and web.
  • HubSpot Certifications and Accreditations:
      • Possession of HubSpot certifications, such as HubSpot Marketing Software Certification, Inbound Marketing Certification, HubSpot Content Marketing Certification, etc.
      • Actively pursuing and maintaining HubSpot accreditations to stay up-to-date with platform advancements and best practices.
  • Inbound Marketing Focus:
      • Emphasis on inbound marketing methodologies and strategies, aligning with HubSpot's inbound approach to attract, engage, and delight customers.
      • Ability to develop and implement inbound marketing campaigns that leverage HubSpot's tools for lead generation, nurturing, and conversion.
  • HubSpot Integration and Customization:
      • Proficiency in integrating HubSpot with other tools and platforms to create seamless workflows and optimize marketing efforts.
      • Capability to customize HubSpot settings and configurations to suit the unique needs and goals of the agency and its clients.
  • Team Management in HubSpot Environment:
      • Experience in managing a team of 5–10 inbound marketing professionals within the HubSpot ecosystem, ensuring effective collaboration and maximizing the use of HubSpot tools.
      • Leadership skills to guide and mentor team members, fostering growth and encouraging innovative use of HubSpot features.
      • Efficient Processes: Create scalable processes and ensure best practices are implemented in automation systems, CRM, BI Tools, and database management.
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting:
      • Ability to extract, analyze, and interpret data from HubSpot's analytics and reporting tools to measure campaign performance and derive actionable insights for optimization.
      • Utilization of data-driven decision-making to continually improve and refine marketing strategies within the HubSpot framework.
  • Client Relationship Management:
      • Proficient in utilizing HubSpot CRM to manage client relationships, track interactions, and provide personalized experiences for clients.
      • Proficient in HubSpot onboarding for new clients
      • Understanding of how HubSpot's CRM aligns with overall client strategies and contributes to achieving client objectives.
  • HubSpot Platform Updates and Best Practices:
      • Staying informed about updates, new features, and best practices within the HubSpot platform to ensure the agency is leveraging the latest tools and methodologies for maximum impact. (You have a great understanding of how and when to implement private and public betas.)
  • System Optimization:
    • System Transformation: Lead the discovery process to identify system needs, design optimized HubSpot-centric systems, configure them to precise specifications, and provide training to ensure successful operation.
    • Organizational Alignment: Design and construct HubSpot systems for clients, aligning marketing, sales, and CX components to achieve total organizational alignment.
\ HubSpot Success Manager:
  • Client Onboarding: Support the execution of HubSpot software onboarding, ensuring clients are effectively integrated into the platform.
  • Software Training: Provide comprehensive software training to clients, enabling them to utilize HubSpot's full potential.
  • Strategy Crafting: Advise clients on crafting effective strategies and execution within the HubSpot system.
  • HubSpot Expertise: Demonstrate your deep experience with HubSpot and inbound marketing strategies.
  • Accountability: Take responsibility for the successful implementation of HubSpot for our clients, ensuring their objectives are met and exceeded.

You’ll also have a strong understanding in digital marketing outside of the HubSpot landscape, including:

  1. Digital Trends: You know what’s changing in the digital landscape, when to test-drive these trends, and when to hold and wait to see social proof before introducing new ideas and tools.
  2. Paid Advertising: You have confidence in the tools used to launch and track paid advertising campaigns, and know when and how to optimize these campaigns to make the most of the spend. 
  3. Tool Integration: Proficient in the latest marketing technologies and deeply passionate about experimenting with emerging digital platforms.
  4. Campaign Excellence: Oversee all aspects of campaign lifecycle, from ideation and planning to execution, analysis, and optimization across various digital channels.
  5. Client Partnerships: Foster strong client relationships, positioning yourself as a trusted digital advisor dedicated to helping clients gain a competitive edge and capture market share

\ Qualifications and job-specific requirements:

  • Experience: A minimum of 10 years in digital marketing within an agency (minimum of 7 years within HubSpot), with a demonstrated track record of successfully driving business growth and managing others to improve team skills and results for clients.
  • Digital Expertise: Extensive experience and mastery across a range of digital channels, including paid social, SEO, content marketing, and marketing automation.
  • Strategic Vision: Possess a strong strategic mindset, capable of identifying growth opportunities and executing innovative initiatives.
  • Tech-Savvy: Proficient in the latest marketing technologies and deeply passionate about experimenting with emerging digital platforms.
  • Team Leadership: Exhibit a talent for inspiring, nurturing, and developing high-performing digital marketing teams.
  • Communication Skills: Possess persuasive communication skills to effectively convey complex digital strategies and concepts to various stakeholders.
  • Trendspotter: Maintain an unwavering focus on staying ahead of digital marketing trends and the ever-evolving landscape of technologies.
  • Hands-On Approach: Comfortable with hands-on involvement, leading critical campaigns and projects to successful outcomes.
  • Analytical skills: Strong analytical abilities, including expertise in tools like Microsoft Excel, reporting dashboards, and data analysis tools.
  • Project management: Demonstrate the ability to manage multiple engagements and deliverables concurrently, ensuring successful and timely completion. You can simplify next steps so they can be easily tasked out by the project management team.
  • Roll your sleeves up and be the do-er creating and executing key initiatives within Hubspot


\ Soft skill requirements:

  • Adaptability: Possess a willingness to adapt and thrive in high-pressure, deadline-driven environments.
  • Inbound marketing mastery: Proficiency in inbound marketing methodologies and the ability to translate them into effective strategies.
  • Creative problem solver: Exhibit a knack for finding inventive solutions to meet the unique and advanced needs of clients.
  • Passion for complexity: Thrive on tackling complex challenges while maintaining a disdain for routine and mundane tasks.
  • Client-focused approach: Excellent written and verbal customer-facing and communication skills.
  • Curiosity and adaptability: Approach change with curiosity and openness, with a keen interest in adapting to the rapidly evolving HubSpot ecosystem.

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