Account Manager

Full-Time, exempt
Reports to: Account Services Supervisor

The Account Manager is the lynchpin for developing and maintaining exemplary client relationships which are the heart and soul of our business and our client's success. This role is on the front lines of the business, with the responsibility to manage client strategy, goals and results, as well as day-to-day deliverables, timelines, and budgets. The Account Manager maintains a vision for new and improved results, innovations, and opportunities for relationship growth. This role combines experience in relationship management, goal-setting, and negotiations with best practices in leveraging marketing strategy and tactics to achieve client growth.


  1. Manage a book of clients with the capacity to drive company revenue and growth. 
  2. Lead an internal account team through the full campaign lifecycle; from ideation to integration and execution, continually seek clients' feedback, and assess performance.
  3. Oversee the implementation of the account team’s deliverables; prioritize assignments and manage risks to bring to life award-winning work and client results.
  4. Provide direction for, and work closely with, project coordinators on scope, deliverables, timelines, and budgets; challenge the status quo, drive innovation and out-of-the-box solutions.
  5. Manage budgets and timelines, oversee prioritization of the team’s work, and champion client needs amidst other business priorities.   
  6. Develop and maintain a working knowledge of clients’ industries, culture, products/services, and strategic communications/marketing goals. 
  7. Lead client communication including day-to-day correspondence and regular renewal and assessment discussions. 
  8. Build, and leverage, partnerships across internal teams and clients to push the boundaries of work; fearless in execution and understanding the revenue and operational opportunities for the business.  
  9. Maintain a responsive service orientation; demonstrate a high level of organization and detail management. 
  10. Prepare account service-related documents such as meeting agendas, meeting reports, proposals, and other client communications and correspondence.

Competencies and Attributes

  1. Expert at sharing the vision and impact of the Vye Way; leads by example and models the core values. 
  2. Able to build a strong case for business decisions, prioritization, and workflow that reflects data, best practices, and anticipated results.  
  3. Able to pivot in challenging and opportune times in order to maximize client results.
  4. Masterful in winning others over with a spirit of collaboration and grounded intellect.
  5. A humble teacher committed to building the knowledge and skillsets of others. 
  6. Driven by results, innovation, and client success, with a get-it-done attitude and the ability to rally the team toward results. 


  1. Bachelor’s degree (BA/BS) (preferably in design, marketing, advertising or related field).
  2. 3-5 years experience in client relations, agency experience preferred.
  3. Experience leading, managing, and motivating teams, directing the work of team members.
  4. Examples of past influence on organizational and/or client revenue and results. 
  5. Examples of past influence on brands or brand creation.
  6. Technical competence with inbound marketing software, content management systems, project management systems, and accounting software.
  7. Preferred knowledge of, or willingness to learn, the Traction business model.

Core Values

  1. Stay sharp. At Vye, we’re constantly striving to be better and do better — for our clients and ourselves. We are curious and engaged, and we thrive on learning and trying new things. We stay on top of our game in order to help our clients achieve the same.
  2. Serve others. Team is more than a noun at Vye; it’s also a verb. We believe our best work is only possible when we help each other. We take issues to the source and value honesty, respect, and the dignity of each other. Our business is built on solid relationships with others, and that starts within the very walls of our agency.
  3. Give a damn. We’re not a ho-hum group at Vye; in fact, you’ve never seen a less ho-hum group! We’re a bunch of go-getters who are not only super-charged by caffeine but by our work (insert fist-pumping). We take initiative like we take responsibility — with the spirit of teamwork and a whole lot of hustle.
  4. Make it fun. We embrace our fun-loving, high-spirited vibe at Vye, and we take great care to fill our days with laughter, practical jokes, and surprises. After all, the family that laughs together, creates award-winning, results-driven work for their clients together.
  5. Be humbly confident. We value individual passion, motivation, and drive. In fact, we believe it fuels good work. But what fuels our greatest work? When good-natured, authentic, caring individuals connect as a team. That’s combustible.

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