We're Hiring: A Guide To Writing a Job Post on Social Media

Vye-Blog-_0019_Were Hiring_ A Guide to Writing a Job Post on Social Media

Ditch the dusty classifieds! Today's job hunt is online, where your "We're Hiring" post competes with cat videos and influencer rants. Standing out takes more than just listing the job title. 

But don't worry — this blog is your secret weapon, packed with tips and tricks to create social media job posts that attract the best players to your team.

Writing "we're hiring" posts that wow top talent

Let’s kick things off with the must-haves for any job posting you create. Consider these your guidelines whenever it’s time to hire.

Be specific

You've got about 20 seconds to grab attention before your post gets buried in the social media scroll. So, get straight to the point! Highlight the key details: job title, company name, and a quick teaser about what makes your gig so awesome. Think "Digital Banking Innovators Wanted! Join our fintech team revolutionizing mobile experiences at [name of bank here]." Short, sweet, and speaks to your culture. 

Keep it simple 

Ditch the corporate jargon and fancy acronyms. Your ideal candidate should understand your post without needing a dictionary. Focus on clear, concise language that showcases your company's personality. Talk like you'd chat with a friend, not a potential drone in your corporate hive.

Make it memorable 

Showcase what makes your company unique! Got a killer benefits package that fuels work-life harmony? Feature it! Offer generous wellness stipends and remote work flexibility? Let those perks have their moment in the spotlight! Highlighting perks and company culture attracts folks who share your values and fit right in.

Make it easy 

Always include a clear call to action and a link to the full job description. No clicking mazes or mystery emails — make applying as seamless as possible.

(For a couple of bonus tips on how to elevate your online recruiting tactics, check out this blog.

Optimizing your outreach across social

Now, let's kick things up a notch! Here are some platform-specific tips to make your posts pop:

Instagramemployee filming takeover video on cellphone
  • Story Takeover: Let someone in the target role take over your Stories for a day. Show a glimpse of their work life and why they love it.
  • Hashtag Hustle: Research relevant hashtags your target audience follows. #TechEnthusiasts for the startup, #BookwormsWelcome for the bookstore, you get the idea.
  • Job Description Flair:  Skip the standard "We're Hiring!" post and show off your company spirit with a creative LinkedIn update. Think eye-catching visuals, bold headlines, and personalized stories. Highlight what makes your team unique and why working with you would be awesome.
  • Power of the Profile Pic: Turn your team into talent magnets! Encourage them to add the "Hiring" banner to their profiles. It's like wearing a neon "Join Us!" sign, spreading the word to their entire network.
  • Employee Advocacy: Encourage your team to share your open positions on their profiles. Their network is your network!
  • Photo Focus: Facebook favors high-res images and dynamic shots. Show off your awesome office space!
  • Groups Galore: Share openings in industry-specific Facebook Groups your audience loves lurking in.
  • Hashtag Heat: Identify hot hashtags to tap into conversations your target role obsesses over.
  • List Leverage: Find Twitter Lists packed with your perfect applicants and get your posting in front of those eyeballs!
  • Behind-the-Scenes Access: Use trending sounds and relatable scenarios to show a day in the life of your team. Highlight perks, office quirks, and what makes your workplace tick. 
  • Talent Showcases: Put your future stars in the spotlight. Feature employees who exemplify the role you're hiring for, sharing their skills, passions, and why they love working at your company. 

Don't forget the call to action! Encourage viewers to apply, visit your website, or follow your social media for more career updates. Make it easy for them to take the next step.

By injecting these tips into your social strategy, you'll attract fantastic talent and build a pipeline of amazing candidates. So, get creative, have fun, and let your company's personality shine through! Remember, in the social media talent game, authenticity and engagement are your secret weapons.

We're hiring social media posts: real-life examples 

These real-life examples demonstrate how brands like Salesforce, Sprout Social, and Vye Agency (ourselves!) used targeted platforms and authentic messaging to engage the ideal candidates. 

SalesforceSalesforce recruitment twitter post

Learn from Salesforce. They didn't just list awards, they celebrated them! A simple post highlighting their "World's Best Workplaces" title, thanking their crew, and linking to careers. It's short, sweet, and says it all: they're proud, successful, and value their people. No cheesy bragging, just a genuine invitation to join the party.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social doesn't just talk about work-life balance, they show it. Their YouTube video features employees living it up, showcasing flexibility and a supportive environment. It's like a reality show trailer for their company culture, letting potential applicants picture themselves thriving there. This visual approach builds trust and speaks volumes without fancy words.

Vye Agency

Vye Agency Recruitment PostOne size doesn't fit all, especially in recruiting. At Vye, we know our tribe: data-driven, passionate marketers who love creativity. So, our post speaks directly to them. We use our lingo ("marketing trinity"), highlight our values ("passionate, empathetic"), and extend an open invitation to connect. It's not just a job offer, it's a "come join the awesome squad" vibe that resonates with the right people.

Spread the word, find the perfect fit

In today's digital landscape, your social media job post is your billboard. Make it stand out, tell your story, and attract the talent that fuels your growth. Remember, the right people are out there, waiting to join your journey. Go find them!

P.S. Need more inspiration and insider secrets? Check out our free marketing toolkit packed with tips, tricks, and templates to boost your business’s brand. 

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