The Ultimate Marketing Resource Library.

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Did you know that marketers with a documented strategy are 313% more likely to report success? 

At Vye, we live and breathe data-driven marketing. But we get it — the word "strategy" can feel overwhelming and ambiguous. That's why we created the ultimate all-in-one marketing resource to help you craft your own strategy, no matter your role or company size. It's scalable and easy to navigate, with everything from guides to templates included. 


Business goals & budget

Discover the key to marketing success by aligning your business goals, budgeting your efforts, and uncovering the potential of marketing beyond just your marketing team.


How much should marketing actually cost?
*To Use: Download and import into your spreadsheet.


Identify tactics that are best for your business.


Set goals that align with overall objectives.

Target markets & personas

Uncover the best methods for identifying your target market and gain valuable insights into your ideal audience.

Buyer personas

Who are you trying to reach and why?

Buyer journeys

Map your buyer’s next move.

Buyer profiles

Identify your ideal buyer profile in 3 simple steps.

Campaign tactics

Explore a variety of effective tactics to help you plan and execute successful marketing campaigns.


The ins and outs of inbound marketing, including key terms.

Content checklist

Effectively share and promote content across channels.

Content mapping

How to guide your target audience on a journey to conversions.

SEO best practices for content

Best practices for creating engaging content that’s simultaneously optimized for search engines.


The tools you need to lay the groundwork for a successful campaign. Utilize these templates to plan and execute your marketing efforts!

Content calendar template

Plan and organize your content creation efforts.
*To use: Download and import into your spreadsheet.

Social media calendar template

Craft your social media content in advance.
*To use: Download and import into your spreadsheet.

Social best practices

How, when, and where to post for maximum engagement.

Campaign template

A step-by-step guide to creating a marketing campaign.

SLA template

How to align the sales and marketing team to increase revenue.

ABM outreach template

Account-based marketing template to align and collaborate marketing and sales team efforts.


Learn how to effectively measure and analyze your marketing efforts using reporting and auditing techniques, so you can determine what strategies are working.

Benchmarking metrics

Establish meaningful benchmarks for measuring success.

Website audit tools

Tools to audit the effectiveness of your website.

SEO benchmark tools

Insight into SEO auditing and technical tools to boost visibility.

The Vye methodology.

Unlock the full potential of your marketing and sales with Vye. Our unique blend of data-driven research, creativity, and strategic tactics will help you tackle the key areas we've covered and achieve your business and revenue goals. Ready to explore how we can work together? Let's connect and start the conversation today.