Our Web Design Philosophy: Focused on Users, Data, and Storytelling

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The internet is a lot like an ocean, and websites are the boats sailing across it. But here’s the thing — not all boats are created equal. Some are sleek yachts with all the bells and whistles, while others are rickety old dinghies barely staying afloat.

At Vye, we’re in the business of building you the most seaworthy vessel to navigate the digital waters. And trust me, we don’t just slap a fancy paint job on it and call it a day. 

We take a holistic approach to web design that combines user research, industry trends, data analysis, and a focus on clear conversion paths and storytelling. Keep reading to learn how our methodology makes waves when others make ripples. 

We start with customer research


It all starts with developing a comprehensive buyer persona. We’re not just talking surface-level demographic data, either.

We dive deep to grasp your target audience’s styles, preferences, motivations, pain points, and online behaviors through qualitative and quantitative methods. Here are a few things we look to understand:

  • What are their styles, preferences, and online behaviors?
  • How do they consume content?
  • What motivates them to take action?

This user awareness informs every aspect of the design. We also look at data and analytics from past campaigns to guide our user personas, as well as qualitative user research to reveal needs and pain points the data may miss. 

We study and utilize trends

Of course, we also look outward at what others in the industry are doing successfully. We study design trends, web pattern libraries, and innovative approaches others have taken. This allows us to create designs that are modern and engaging while putting our own unique spin on them.

Here are a few trends we've been exploring:


All that said, just because something is a “trend” doesn’t mean we blindly follow it. We’ve been around long enough to discern when something is a common fad vs. a long-lasting best practice. 

For example, mobile responsiveness, prioritizing performance, and following UX patterns that reduce cognitive load are NOT fads — they’re breakthroughs. We also constantly analyze metrics on user engagement, conversion rates, heatmaps, form analytics, and more to continually optimize a client’s site.

We tell a story through web design 


You want your website to look nice — that’s half the battle. However, an effective website design should tell your brand’s compelling story in a visually appealing way that guides visitors smoothly through the conversion funnel

To do that, we carefully pair your narrative with your user journey to tell visitors a story. This includes determining what content and CTAs to prioritize on each page and challenging outdated thinking like designing for “above the fold” or minimizing scrolling. 

Today's user behaviors have evolved, and designs need to adapt to disaggregated content architectures, hierarchical information flow, and optimizing for omnipresent scrolling.

We let data inform design decisions


While we adhere to core usability principles and trends supported by research, we also rely heavily on data and testing to shape our unique designs for each client.

We constantly analyze metrics on user engagement, conversion rates, heatmaps, form analytics, and more. Both qualitative and quantitative data sources allow us to iterate, challenge assumptions, and validate our approaches.

Most importantly, we view web design not as a fixed deliverable but as part of an ongoing process of experimentation, learning, and optimization based on results.

We make web design a collaborative effort


At Vye, our designers need to work hand-in-hand with our strategists, developers, writers, and analysts throughout the entire design process, so we are careful to avoid any additional and unnecessary complexity. 

For example, we don’t create separate mobile designs; instead, we take a mobile-first, responsive approach in close collaboration with our front-end developers from the start. 

We also expect our clients to be invested partners by providing stakeholder input while allowing us to guide them based on our expertise and research. This collaborative process allows us to co-create digital experiences that achieve your business goals while wowing your customers.

Custom web development with Vye

We get it — websites are a large, up-front investment. But we view marketing as a measurable growth investment. When you partner with us, we’ll use real-time data to connect your marketing efforts with your company’s overall success to show true value that directly ties back to your initial investment.

If your team’s time would be better spent on other tasks, or you don’t have the time or resources to build a website (or keep on top of tools and trends), outsourcing custom web development can be a smart way to unlock more ROI.

Click the link below to learn more about website costs and budgeting tips! 

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