3 Ways to Make Your Life Easier with HubSpot Marketing Hub

"3 Ways to Make Your Life Easier with HubSpot Marketing Hub"

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Is your software working for you?

You’ve heard HubSpot Marketing Hub can be an absolute game-changer for your business. You picked your plan. You invested in a powerful marketing tool. But there’s a sneaking suspicion in the back of your mind...what if you’re not using this powerful CRM to its fullest capacity?

Done right, your marketing efforts can become more efficient with the HubSpot Marketing Hub. It’s never been easier to save precious time and level up your inbound marketing strategy. That is, if you know how to make your software work for you.

While there are tons of useful resources in the Marketing Hub, not every tool will make sense to use for your business. So what do we suggest you start with? The tools that save you time and make your life easier.

Are you lacking that direct line to a developer to create landing pages that produce leads? There’s a solution for that in the Hub. Looking for ways to reduce the mind-numbing grind of creating the perfect email nurture sequence or social media post? The Hub has plenty of solutions to free up your time and make your marketing communication pull its weight.

Check out some of our favorite tools for streamlining your marketing strategy.

1. Produce easily customizable landing pages that attract leads

If you’ve struggled to create effective landing pages in the past, HubSpot makes things simple. Don’t have a direct line to a designer or developer? With HubSpot you can choose from a pre-designed template, no coding or design experience required. Simply pop in your information and you’re good to go!

You need a landing page that is an excellent performer when it comes to producing leads. Whether or not potential clients find your landing page from social media, email outreach, or word-of-mouth, once they’re there you need to hook them, procure their information, and nurture their interest in future sales opportunities.

The best way to do that? At Vye, we consult with clients about their current content offers or case studies. What information is useful or insightful enough to prompt a lead to submit their information? The key is balance. You don't want to give away the world for free!

Create valuable content, plug it in to a HubSpot landing page template, and ask for potential new clients to give their information to access your resources. Simple. All you have to do is sit back and watch your leads flow in.

Email workflow automation

2. Automate your email workflows to save time

You get a twofer here, because list segmentation goes with email automation like peanut butter goes with jelly, Bonnie goes with Clyde…you get the idea. 

Utilize lists in HubSpot to group similar contacts together based on parameters that are important to you, like form fills or page views. You can get as specific as you like. This specificity will allow you to take a massive database of contacts and provide experiences that are tailored to who these individuals are, and what their relationship with your company is.

Where is your contact in your sales process? Are you still marketing to them? We use HubSpot to track the number and quality of conversations you’ve had with a given contact. You can use this vital information to nurture your contacts more constructively than ever before.

As we’ve mentioned, we find templates super useful for companies new to content creation. Not having to loop in a developer is a great option that HubSpot provides. Luckily, emails are just as easy to customize as landing pages in the Hub. No coding experience is required to use their drag and drop editor. 

With the Hub’s email automation platform, you can send one-off marketing emails and automated workflow emails with the added benefit of knowing the best time to send them to make sure they’re opened. Be sure to utilize the platform’s reporting tools to analyze key metrics like unsubscribes and click-through rates.

2. Make Ad Tracking and Social Media Management a Cinch

There’s no replacement for your Google Analytics account, but that account can only take you so far. HubSpot can take you the rest of the way. Ad tracking in HubSpot includes the ability to link analytics on interactions to your contacts in their CRM. This unique link lets you know what’s really powering your returns.

The Hub’s tools when it comes to social media are similarly invaluable. You can connect your social accounts, schedule out as many posts as you’d like right from your portal, and track metrics such as interactions, clicks, shares, and comments.

You’ll also have all the tools used by secret agents for espionage. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch, but you will be able to monitor the streams of other companies. If there’s someone in your industry who is on social media, you can track them in the Hub. You may not be able to become an actual spy, but you can keep an eye on the competition to stay on top.

We recommend you take an approach to social media that is as proactive and detailed as ours. We sit down with our clients a month in advance to proof and schedule out posts that may include social blogs, thought leadership, current events, recruitment…the list goes on. You can, and should, set and forget all of these posts.

We find it’s easiest to manage the brand reputation of our clients when all platforms are connected. You can drive traffic to your site every day, without the daily effort.

Looking for more marketing expertise?

Here at Vye, we’re always happy to share our tips and tricks for making the most out of your marketing software. With HubSpot Marketing Hub, we’ve been able to assist countless clients in developing foolproof landing pages, making the most of their email outreach, and developing impactful social media cadences.

Keep poking around our blog for more helpful industry insights. Or contact us today to partner with us in developing a personalized, impactful marketing strategy for your business.

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