5 Expert Social Media Management Services to Enhance Your Marketing

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social mediaLet's be honest... social media is here to stay and managing social media for your business can be time consuming. Staying on top of social media news and updates can be a job in and of itself. Harmonizing the business and community needs is an art that requires time for creativity. Social media management services will save your business time and money. Hiring an agency or individual will provide you with the expertise needed to manage your social media and allow you to place your valuable time elsewhere. 

Here are a few services provided when you hire an agency to manage your social media:

#1 Strategic Planning 

With years of experience, an agency has the advantage of having insights into what works and what doesn’t. An agency’s team will sit down with you to develop a social media strategy by asking a series of questions to understand the targeted audience and gain guidance to move forward and begin posting and interacting on your page. The strategy will not just bring in fans, but will generate real leads, create brand loyalty, build and grow real relationships and turn prospects into customers.

#2 Fresh Daily Interactive Content Publishing

Social media isn’t about pushing out a bunch of marketing messages; it’s about engaging in conversation, using the rights tools, at the right time, underlined by the right messaging. As the administrator on the social media page, posts will be done 3-5 times per week and the page will be monitored throughout the day. Inappropriate language will be blocked or removed immediately (within 12 hours due to nights and weekends, most will be addressed much sooner). Comments that provide an opportunity to publicly show followers that you care about your relationship with customers will be left on and responded to. Comments that do not provide that opportunity will be taken down immediately.

#3 Graphic Design 

Custom graphics greatly enhance the look of your page and add another level of professionalism for your followers. Designing graphics to match according to the current promotion, the theme of the page and your brand helps draw attention to the page and increases involvement.

#4 Custom Campaign Implementation

Often, a third party sweepstakes application will be installed for followers to enter to win a giveaway. New viewers will "like" your page before they can interact with your apps. This can explosively drive up your fan count giving you a larger audience to engage with. A management system is integrated into the app to help manage and grow your subscriber lists, create and send emails, and track every click, open, delete, and forward. 

#5 Reports and Training 

Reports are run monthly on page performance and are gathered by tracking effectiveness of individual campaign elements. This is where you can tell who your audience is, where they are and how many stories (when someone likes, comments on or shares your post; answers a question or responds to an event) are being told. When you feel that you are able to manage your social media internally your agency should offer a training session on how to properly achieve all of the above.

Social media management services offer complete social media solutions that generate a positive return on your investment, providing leads that turned prospects into customers.

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