The ALICE Initiative: How We Created Award-Winning Content for United Way

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At Vye, we love telling stories that matter. Stories that inspire action and make a difference for our clients and their communities. That’s why we’re proud of our work with United Way of Central Minnesota on their ALICE initiative.

Who is ALICE?

ALICE stands for Asset-Limited, Income-Constrained, Employed. These are the people who work hard every day but still struggle to afford the basics. They are the cashier at your grocery store, the secretary at your child’s school, your friends and neighbors.

They are also invisible. Often overlooked by policies and programs that don’t account for their realities. They face tough choices between paying rent, buying food, getting healthcare, or providing childcare.

Bringing ALICE's stories to lifeHands typing on a laptop

United Way wanted to reframe perceptions about ALICE individuals by humanizing them. They strived to foster empathy, especially among younger audiences unaware of the financial struggles many in their community face.

To achieve this, we partnered with United Way of Central Minnesota on a comprehensive campaign tailored to resonate emotionally with Millennials and Gen Z. The multi-channel initiative encompassed paid media, social strategy, video content and more.

At its core was authentic storytelling portraying real people, like "Jada is ALICE." As a single mother and nurse assistant, Jada epitomized the challenges of working, yet not earning enough to afford childcare. Personal narratives like this put a relatable face on ALICE, driving home their humanity.

We illustrated how unexpected events like a car breakdown or medical emergency can push anyone to the financial edge, even those who “do everything right.”

Our goal was to build empathy, making readers feel what ALICE feels. To walk in their shoes and see life through their eyes. And motivate them to take action and support United Way’s mission.

Storytelling that wins awards and drives impact231017_VYE_AliceCaseStudy_4

Our “Stories of Alice” campaign was a powerful and effective way to bring ALICE’s stories to life. It earned us a Gold award for Branded Content and a Silver award for Copywriting at the prestigious w3 Awards.

In addition, we are honored that "Stories of Alice" was recognized with an Honorable Mention in the 2023 MARCOM Awards. As one of over 6,500 entries from across the globe, this distinction from MARCOM further demonstrates the impact of our work.

These awards honor the best in marketing and communication campaigns across the world. With thousands of entries every year, we are honored to be among the top creative agencies that received this recognition.

Most importantly, the ALICE campaign fostered understanding and drove action for United Way's cause. It is a prime example of how we leverage strategy, storytelling, and technology to inspire action and engage audiences.

If you're eager to learn more about how we can help your nonprofit find its authentic voice, reach out to us today! Together, we can create impactful campaigns that drive lasting change.

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