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Our website is so outdated! We just need it updated.

We hear you. Often after a few questions about why that is important to you we discover a different, sometimes larger underlying problem you need fixed.

The products and services we buy as consumers usually solve a problem besides the functional reason it exists.  For example: we buy running shoes to protect our feet from sharp objects or prevent blisters, but why do we run? To exercise. Why do we exercise? To be healthy. Why be healthy? To live longer and enjoy more of what makes us happy, like watching the adrenaline rush in the eyes of our grandchildren when they catch their first fish.


What's Your Problem?

Do you relate to any of the following problems? Leighton Interactive has solved these problems for clients, when we were brought in to market a product or service:

  • Our customers don’t see the true value we offer until after they hire us

  • We waste so much time on unqualified leads

  • I want to sell the business but can’t get to the size I need it to be to retire

  • I’m not recognized as a thought leader, but I am one

  • I’m not making enough money to reach my financial goals

  • We want to be the largest in the industry

  • We struggle to say no to the wrong type of customers/clients

  • Our current customers don’t know we can do so much more

  • Our sales process is inefficient

  • We are losing market share

  • There is a new competitor coming to town

  • I’m the second generation owner and want to honor my mother/father’s legacy

  • If I can show real marketing results, I’ll get promoted

  • I want to be known as an effective marketer, not a fluffy idea person

The list goes on, and inspires us every day. At Leighton Interactive our purpose is to solve for the client and our cause/passion is to get better every day by doing just that.

Why? You’ll have to ask each of us, and you might find an answer like: for that gratification of helping another achieve their dreams or to be recognized as the expert in my field.


Emotion vs. Logic

Image of businesswoman balancing with items in palms.jpeg

There is an emotional need met with everything we buy. If you disagree, email me with a product or service you think is purchased 100 percent with logic and I’ll respond with an example of how it’s not.

Yes, each individual’s reason for buying something varies, so there is a very high probability your reason for buying running shoes is different, but there is always a fundamental need tied to it.

So why does your business spend time and money on brand development, social media, email marketing, SEO tactics, content marketing … etc?

Well, we don’t need to go all the way to the underlying personal reason. It can be helpful though to dig a little to the second or third layer to uncover a more hidden yet truer purpose.



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