5 Marketing Automation Tactics Award-Winning Agencies Use Every Day

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As technology continues to reshape the marketing landscape, staying ahead of the game is crucial for businesses aiming to connect with their customers effectively. From lead nurturing to data-driven insights, let’s talk about some ways you can use marketing automation to make your job easier and your campaigns more impactful. 

Conversation tools (SMS, Chatbot, In-App Messaging)

Dynamic content

Behavior-based nurturing

Sales enablement

AI tools

1. Conversation tools

Meeting your prospects where they are is key to cutting through the clutter and getting your message heard. This is why automating those conversations with SMS or text messaging campaigns, chatbots, and in-app messages is so crucial. 

These tactics all have proven tremendously successful when it comes to KPIs like clicks and response rates. Why? It gives them what they need, when, and — most importantly where they want it. 

Try something like this:

  • Promoting software upgrades? Try an in-app pop-up.
  • Homepage chatbots. Get new site visitors get where they’re going.
  • Offering a sneak peak of your latest product? Fire off a text.  

2. Dynamic content

Feeling like a nerd in an 80s movie who just can’t seem to get the attention of their crush (prospects)? Chances are, you’re not personalizing your content enough. 

Dynamic content tools like HubSpot's smart modules and personalization tokens can be powerful assets for marketers to create more effective and personalized messaging. Automating your hyper-personalization could look like:

  • Using localization to catch the eye of scrollers.
  • Implementing an A/B test strategy to figure out exactly what has an impact on your campaigns.
  • Versioning content based on buyer’s journey stage and interest properties in order to speak more directly. 

HubSpot Pro Tip: Content customization goes beyond personalization tokens in HubSpot. Learn how smart content rules for HubSpot emails and landing pages can bring automatic customization to your marketing campaigns.

smart content in HubSpot

3. Behavior-based nurturing 

Alongside using dynamic content on your marketing assets, savvy marketers also know to go deeper than demographic information to inform their tactics. They use information about their contacts’ behavior and activity to affect their passage through their wealth of marketing content. 

When thinking about content to serve - emails, landing pages, content offers, etc. - see how the information available in your CRM can further segment and nurture your contacts. Then, set up workflows and automations, so that this nurturing can run in the background and you can focus your efforts elsewhere. 

For example:

  • Webinar follow-up — After a webinar, consider sending different messaging to those who attended, or registered but couldn’t make it.
  • Offers — When someone interacts with a content offer, trigger an email series that offers information about the services mentioned in the offer.
  • Utilization — Sending resources to a customer who has purchased software, but hasn’t onboarded on schedule.
  • Feedback surveys — Send quarterly NPS feedback surveys to your customers, then send outreach to those who gave you a high score to gauge their interest in collaborating on a case study. 
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4. Sales enablement

When it comes to turning those MQLs into SQLs into closed deals, sales, and marketing teams need to work seamlessly together. For marketers, that means collecting information about contacts, qualifying leads, and getting all of that over to their sales partners. Automation can help with all of this. 

Think about:

  • Implementing a lead score model with a workflow that adjusts the score based on activity.
  • Sending 1-2 messages to hotter prospects gauging their interest and encouraging them to get in touch with a sales team member. 
  • Automating nurture sequences for previously closed-lost deals and leads who weren’t ready to convert. 

5. AI tools

Need to come up with that super impressive strategy in time for your presentation to leadership but find yourself just staring at a blank page? 

Maybe you’ve got an endless amount of auditing busy work keeping you from making an impact where it really matters? 

No matter where you’re getting bogged down, chances are AI can help. Whether you need to automate content creation, campaign ideation, or put your artificial intern to work. 

Here are some prompts to start using today:

  • Create a 1,000-word article optimized for [keyword] about….
  • Tell me 10 things a [industry] company can do to promote [service]...
  • Using the following rubric: determine which of these articles need reoptimizing…
  • What might a [buyer persona] think when reading [past or link piece of content]...
  • Why would [buyer persona] trust [company name] with [service] and what are their hesitations…
Based on [raw data], what insights can you tell me about [KPI]...

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Why marketing investment is worth the investment 

Putting your time and money into automation strategies and the tech to make them possible can empower you and your team to do work faster, connect with customers in a more personal way, make smart decisions using data, and stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing marketing world. It's not just about saving time and money; it's about boosting business results.

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