ChatGPT: What Can AI Marketing Tools Do For You?

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The marketing world is divided. As some of us celebrate ChatGPT’s ability to simplify marketing tasks, others are scared and critical of what the chatbot can (and can’t) do.

Personally, I’m rejoicing. As a constant seeker of improvements, efficiencies, more information, and anything that enables better and faster growth, I’m all in.

Will ChatGPT change how and what we can do for our clients? Absolutely. Am I fearful of how it will change the way we do marketing? Maybe a little. But there’s power in knowledge, so let’s take a look at how AI can be used to do what we do better.

How will ChatGPT change marketing?

AI marketing is here to stay. Already, we’re seeing competitors like Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, join the race to streamline content generation.

So instead of wondering how these tools will change marketing, I figured I’d go straight to the source and ask. When I asked ChatGPT how it will impact marketing agencies, here's what it said it can help with: 

1. Automating routine tasks and customer service, freeing up time for creative tasks. Hell yes to removing even more routine tasks. Double hell yes for more time for creativity!Technology-l

2. Generating creative and personalized content and responses in real-time. Most of us have sat down to write and found ourselves staring at a blank screen. I’m excited to fly past writer’s block and get to the good stuff.

3. Offering data-driven insights and recommendations for target audiences and campaigns. Using HubSpot and other tools in our tech stacks, we already have this capability — adding more of it…why not?

4. Enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of reporting and analysis. I'll never turn down a resource to make our data work better and harder for our clients.

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So, will ChatGPT replace marketing agencies down the road? Even the tool says it won't:

“No, chatbots like ChatGPT can assist marketing agencies, but cannot replace the creativity, strategy and human connection that a marketing agency provides."

Instead, the tool says marketing agencies may use ChatGPT for tasks such as:

  • Generating ideas for campaigns
  • Answering frequently asked questions
  • Providing information and insights on target audience and market trends
  • Content creation (e.g., product descriptions, social media posts)
  • Chatbot development for customer service and lead generation
  • Personalizing communication with customers

While ChatGPT can automate and streamline certain tasks, it’s not a substitute for human creativity and critical thinking in marketing. It’s not replacing marketers — it’s adding a tool to our toolbox.

Spend less time on routine tasks

Here's how I see marketers changing their processes based on whether they do or don't use ChatGPT:

Marketing task Without ChatGPT With ChatGPT
Discovery to understand desires, challenges, needs, etc.


Calls, ride-alongs, in-person meetings

Accessing industry and company details so that marketers can make the most of their time with the client

Deep understanding of personas

Calls and interviews to understand our target markets


Validation of calls/interviews with ChatGPT to add and enhance persona work captured through talking to real people and their desires

Audit tools and research Interviews, online research, recommendations of what people are engaging with, etc.


Validation of research to provide other high-level inputs

Brainstorm, creative concepting, and messaging strategy Magic No robot can do this with emotion and authenticity. 
Strategy recommendations


Deeply accessing all of the learning above and putting together specific tactics to support the goals 



Running through high-level tactics available to ensure all routes are being evaluated for the most effective strategy


Strategy execution


Writing, producing, and crafting content and digital assets from scratch 



Creating a leaping-off point that can be tweaked for optimal human experience


Now's the time to get a head start using AI

From my experiences so far, I love ChatGPT to help get a basic framework. However, what it provides is pretty bare bones and generic, so I use it knowing that it’s there to help me get started in my thought process — nothing more, nothing less. 

While ChatGPT can automate and streamline certain tasks, it’s not a substitute for human creativity and critical thinking in marketing. It’s not replacing marketers — it’s adding a tool to our toolbox.

By using ChatGPT as something to react to, we can improve what we’re creating and better reach our target markets and personas. But human validation, empathy, emotion, and connection, along with deep insights and experience, aren’t something that can be replaced with a robot. 

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