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The challenge

What started as a match-making quiz for stylists and clients quickly became an intuitive marketing software that pairs clients with their dream beauty professionals based on personalities, budgets, and lifestyle preferences. It also serves business owners by boosting their customer return rate and ROI. So naturally, this SaaS company needed a new appearance to start its next chapter.

The solution

mya (FKA Meet Your Stylist) came to us upon realizing their product had outgrown its current branding, imagery, and messaging. To help them find their new look and voice, we dove deep into the unique traits of their existing brand to surface the pieces that would help their new identity blossom. 


We completed a brand audit to assess their current identity, positioning, and perception in the market to find improvement opportunities. Once we understood what was working and where they wanted to be, Meet Your Stylist took on a new identity as mya (meet + your + appearance). The new brand personality better reflects their value proposition as a one-of-a-kind marketing and client recruitment software vs. a simple booking tool and appeals to a broader target audience beyond salons. 


Once a new look and voice were established, mya needed a website that could fulfill its mission of helping beauty professionals grow their careers. With input and guidance from their team, we created a new home for stylists, barbers, and estheticians to find and recruit clients. The new site blends brand art and marketing science, allowing mya to grow its business alongside its customers' businesses.

Sales playbook

To help roll out the new brand and website, we created a playbook to align mya’s sales team members with the refreshed direction. The playbook is filled with information about who mya is, what mya does, and how to grow mya into a household name for salons, barber shops, and spa owners. 

Key metrics

Website Traffic
Lead Generation


With a new identity, website, and roadmap for the future, mya is already making waves in the beauty industry. Following rollout, mya:

  • Boasts a website health score of 100%
  • Is climbing in the ranks for new keywords like "find my stylist", "salon class", and "salon experience"
  • Continues to dominate their ranking for existing keywords, including "stylist software" and "mya hair salon"



Here's where you come in

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