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The challenge

Mead Metals is a metal service center whose niche is high quality, low volume specialty metals. They offer a wide variety of specialty metals and capabilities for slitting and cutting coils, edge rolling, shearing, and other processing services. Mead Metals is the nation’s third largest supplier of the space aged metal beryllium copper. They initially came to us because they needed a new website. That project was so incredibly successful (seriously the website is gorgeous) they partnered with us to help in other areas, namely their marketing strategy and execution.

Specifically, they wanted to:

  • Generate qualified leads online
  • Set up their sales team for success by nurturing those leads through sales enablement tactics
  • Build their brand recognition and organic rank through quality content
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The solution

Since the formation of our strategic partnership in 2016, Vye has helped Mead crush marketing and sales goals. Each year our partnership goals increase, as do the outcomes. To understand how we developed this growth, it’s important to reflect on some of the foundational things that set Mead Metals up for success. Over the years, we’ve executed tactics including:

  • A website built on HubSpot’s CMS platform 
  • Conversion funnels for online lead generation
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub implementation 
  • Video and photography 
  • Optimized blog content and pillar pages
  • Downloadable, gated offers
  • Revamped social media strategy 
  • Paid media targeting 
  • Nurturing email workflows

Quick Quote landing page 

The first thing we did was a thorough analysis of the competitive marketplace and target audience. Through this practice, we were able to uncover some key areas to tackle immediately. One of these focus areas was to address the user experience of the current prospect inquiry form. The previous forms were long and not very user-friendly.

Our solution was the marriage between good design and great inbound marketing tactics to create a Quick Quote landing page. First, we stripped as many of the unnecessary questions from the form as possible. What was the bare minimum that we could ask end consumers to get them the quote they needed? In addition, we followed best practices for landing pages. This included things like removing the navigation from the landing pages and adding white space.

This update generated immediate returns. Because of this Quick Quote landing page, weekly qualified leads jumped from an average of 2 to 46!

Setting sales up to succeed 

Generating leads online is powerful, but not much help if the sales team doesn’t have the support they need to guide the prospects to the finish line. One of Mead Metal’s biggest differentiators is they guarantee a quote delivery within four hours of receiving an inquiry. To help remove barriers, we set up a workflow to assign an “owner” per contact that alternated between their internal sales reps. From there, the rep would be sent a notification whenever a contact filled out a Quick Quote or Contact Us on the website. Not only did this distribute the leads evenly amongst the sales reps, but it streamlined the response process by eliminating a middleman to organize the leads.

In addition to some process efficiencies, we were able to help engage cold customers. Since the launch of the Quick Quote landing page generated a much higher number of weekly leads, the sales team didn’t have time for cold lead outreach. To address this, we automated the process by creating an “Information Update” landing page and emailing 995 of their old accounts asking them to update their details for us. This gave us an easy “in” with some of the old clients to start nurturing them again. These emails averaged a 47 percent click-through rate to the landing page, which in turn received a 57 percent conversion rate. From there, we were able to deliver helpful, nurturing content to re-engage. 

In 2021, we've implemented other customer relationship strengthening efforts, like feedback surveys. Retention has become a huge focus for Mead Metals.

Industry-dominating content strategy 

Another challenge facing the Mead Metals team was the flow of information to the end consumer. Metal, as you might guess, is very precise and specific. Everything from the color to the physical and chemical properties matter. There were a lot of questions, but not a lot of answers available online. Instead, the valuable time of the Mead Metals sales reps was taken up by answering these consumer questions.

We began to address this fairly early in the partnership. We have since established Mead Metals as an industry expert through quality blogs and pillar pages. This, in turn, has dramatically impacted SEO ranking and organic traffic. They have dozens of blogs that have received well over 10,000 views. Several have received well over 200,000 views. 

Much of their overall growth can be attributed to organic traffic. They rank much higher than their competition on many relevant terms. A lot of effort has been poured into making sure every piece of content is optimized for keywords. 

“Vye is paramount to our success. In the beginning, we had to be challenged. Vye would say "you need to be doing this or thinking this way" and that was very different for us. Now, Vye is guiding us toward new account growth.”
- Brian Rothstein, Director of Sales at Mead Metals

The results

Continuing to evolve Mead Metal's content strategy to better connect with changing needs of the end customer has helped Mead Metals stand out as best-in-class in a post-pandemic world. Priorities have shifted dramatically since our partnership began, and we continue to position Mead Metals as a trusted vendor during a time of supply chain disruption, staff shortages, inventory issues, and the many other challenges the end customer faces. 

While it’s hard to encapsulate the results of a 5+ year partnership, here are some key results that stand out.


Key results of inbound marketing efforts

Leads Generated
Total leads generated through the Quick Quote landing page is more than 5,375.
Website Sessions
Dec. 2016 compared to March 2021 shows a 2,849% increase in website sessions, totaling 1,552,259 sessions since the partnership began.
Blog Views
May 2017 compared to March 2021 shows a 174,443% increase in blog views.
Email Performance
Emails have had an average of a 43.27% open rate in 2021, with an 18.27% click-through rate.
Keyword Ranking
There are 4,140 relevant keywords rank within the top 10 positions.

A partnership as strong as stainless steel

In the world of marketing and advertising agencies, we know long-lasting partnerships are few and far between. While we are incredibly grateful for our partnership with Mead Metals, we know it didn’t happen by accident. 

Partnerships like this are built on solid communication, constant innovation, and consistent value provided. In our world, value doesn’t come from flashy presentation decks and short-lived marketing splashes. Instead, we believe in creating real value by helping our clients hit company goals. We put the right tactics into play to generate results and measure those results on a consistent basis. Mead Metals continues to grow, and our relationship continues to deepen as a result.

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