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A large B2B technology company lets go and lets Vye.

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The challenge

Marco is an award-winning technology company that’s grown from a two-person typewriter shop into a leading technology company serving 21,500 customers nationally, with over 1,200+ employees and 44 locations. As a company specializing in IT, print, voice, audio visual, and security services, their offerings are anything but simple. Their buyers range from small business owners to CIOs at enterprise-scale IT departments. Still, through consistent effort and adherence to the inbound methodology, our partnership with Marco continues to pay dividends.

Since 2013, we have helped them to:

  • Generate qualified leads online
  • Nurture prospects through strategic workflows
  • Dominate SEO with optimized blog and pillar page content
  • Generate brand awareness through creative, integrated campaigns
  • Revitalize their brand with an award-winning relaunch
  • Optimize the customer experience through a simple, secure Client Center and online marketplace
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The solution

Our partnership started when Marco wanted to connect with their target audience on Twitter. That small social media strategy session quickly grew into a holistic marketing campaign and website revamp, as our teams collaboratively uncovered a wealth of opportunities to help them grow their client base.

Continuing to help Marco grow has involved a high level of diligence when it comes to structuring a fully integrated marketing and sales system. We knew that it wouldn’t be enough for these various tactics to operate in separate pillars. Instead, our focus has always been on breaking down barriers between departments and finding ways to communicate with current and prospective Marco customers in ways that catered to their specific needs.

Our strategic marketing campaigns included a variety of tactics, including:

  • A website built on HubSpot’s CMS platform
  • HubSpot Marketing Hub implementation 
  • Optimized video, blog, and pillar page content
  • Prospecting and retargeting campaigns
  • Downloadable, gated offers
  • Interactive digital tools and offers 
  • Revamped social media strategy 
  • Targeting new customers via paid media 
  • Nurturing email workflows
  • Account-based marketing outreach 
  • Creative branding campaigns
  • Sales enablement 
  • Customer service tools 
  • Earned media 
  • Backlink-building
“Marketing became, for the first time in our company's 40-year history, a direct revenue generating force.”
- Jeff Gau, Chairman and Retired CEO of Marco


The results

A year into our partnership, we helped increase website leads by 155%, grow marketing reach by 19%, grow the email database to 13,500, and generate over $1,000,000 in revenue attributed to online leads.

2023 Updates

Our work for Marco continues to turn heads! In 2023, we received:

  • 2 MARCOM Platinum Awards for Marco's website and its rebrand video ad
  • 2 Addy Gold Awards for its rebrand video and an Addy Silver for the website 
  • A Silver W3 Award for General Websites-Computer/IT
  • A WebAward for B2B Standard of Excellence

And results have continued to skyrocket...


Key results of our strategic sales & marketing efforts

Revenue Generated
Sales Qualified Leads
Website Sessions
Blog Views
Brand Campaign Impressions
The inaugural Don’t Limit Linda campaign generated 151,405 impressions, views, and clicks within 6 months.

Putting a face to the name “Marco”

The entire IT industry struggles to present itself as approachable. It’s a known issue. But where there’s an industry-wide marketing problem, there you will also find an incredible opportunity for those brave enough to take it.

Through a brand relaunch, Marco’s exceptionally hard-working and personable team took center stage. Instead of hiding their smiling faces behind a logo or slick images, we showed them for who they are: the company’s greatest asset. Anyone who works in technology also knows that the key to creating the best solution is constantly iterating on success. At Vye, we also believe that’s our secret to successful, long-lasting partnerships.

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