Logistics for the Long Haul

Ascent Specialized exists in a highly competitive, saturated market and needs to be crystal-clear on what it delivers for its customers.


The challenge

Ascent Specialized was a hidden gem tucked beneath its parent company, Ascent Global Logistics (AGL) and was not realizing leads, sales, growth, or brand recognition that mirrored its abilities or reputation. As its name implies, the company has a niche in the transportation logistics industry for ensuring the most challenging freight is handled and delivered safely, efficiently, in compliance, and on time.

The challenge was multidimensional and the scope of work took on three distinct areas:

Build a new website
Create content to serve targeted audiences
Grow brand presence

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The solution

Due to its North American audience, Ascent Specialized needed an inbound-friendly website that could easily be maintained while allowing the company to actively connect with current and potential customers. From a mere landing page on its parent company website to a fully built online machine, Ascent recognized the necessary risk in separating the two entities, agreeing to the ramp-up of Google Analytics, optimization, and general awareness.


Once the website was built, Ascent needed a marketing strategy to drive website visits and click-throughs and build brand presence within their market space. Working in collaboration, the website and content strategy drove prospective customers to engage and convert and provided reporting on the performance and functionality.

Key metrics focused on

  • Brand Awareness
  • Page Visits
  • Request a Quote Submissions
  • Contacts & Conversions
what we ship page
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“Vye quickly learned our business and helped us see the powerful impact of building our own website and content.”

The results

The project was scoped and achieved in six months, with a newly-built website launched just 90 days after project kickoff.

Since launching the website and marketing strategy, Ascent Specialized has gained confidence in its brand position and online presence, while increasing leads and conversions.

Two women talking business
Website sessions have doubled
average sessions per month
average sessions per month
exceeded goal by 160%
Request a Quote landing page

bottom of funnel conversion increased six times above the goal:

total views in 2019
total views in 5 months post-launch
exceeded the goal by 6X

The partnership

Dave Demuth

Dave Demuth is the owner and president of Ascent Specialized. Of the process, he said “Vye quickly learned our business and helped us see the powerful impact of building our own website and content. They helped us navigate some sensitive conversations internally while focusing on the business results we were after. Because of this, I am confident in our future growth.”

Jennifer Lawrence

“They needed to build and leverage their own brand presence,” explains Jen Lawrence, COO at Vye. “A lot of meetings upfront, finding our guideposts benefitted not only Ascent Specialized, but its parent company Ascent Global Logistics as well,” she said.

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