Bringing the Heat With a Unique Value Prop

How a creative approach to this brand brought in big-time leads.

Content Marketing

The solution

When you offer a unique product catered to the food and beverage industry, it’s important to highlight your unique value proposition — especially when you compete with big-name OEMs.


Elevating the AGC Heat Transfer name and making their unique advantage known to the food and beverage industry was our top priority.

We did it by elevating their product photography, upgrading their spec sheets to be more reflective of their brand, improving sales and marketing materials with streamlined messaging and easy-to-follow infographics, and revamping their website to make it easier to navigate and easier to understand why AGC’s products and service outshine the competition. 

Key metrics focused on

  • Website sessions
  • Blog views
  • New leads


From September 2022 to May 2023, AGC experienced the following results compared to the previous period:

  • Website traffic increased 175%
  • Blog views increased 249%
  • Sales qualified leads increased 35%


AGC homepage Vye update

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