Vye Adds Six Communicator Awards to the Trophy Case in 2024

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We don't usually brag much. But when you use data, sharp technical know-how, and uncommon creativity to solve unique marketing challenges, the results are usually worth celebrating.

Take, for example, the following projects and campaigns, which were recognized for a collective total of six (6) Communicator Awards in 2024.

Here's to great work and extraordinary clients who let us push the boundaries of what marketing means. Let's bring home some more.

Marco B2B Booklet + Candybox

marco-b2b-bookletmarco b2b box that won communicator award

Category: General Business-to-Business 

Award Class: Excellence

Marco, a national business technology provider, asked us to create materials to support sales activities in two states. Their industry has, shall we say, a certain reputation for being overly complicated. And because Marco is a comprehensive provider, their newer sales team members have often struggled to articulate the company's value proposition. However, where there's an industry-wide problem, there's also a tremendous opportunity to lean (hard) in the opposite direction.

So we responded by creating an enticing gift box paired with a delightfully simple promise: Technology that works. Armed with materials that were hard to pass up and even harder to ignore, Marco's sales team immediately scooped up hundreds of thousands of dollars in new contracts, with even more rolling in during subsequent months. The campaign was so successful that it's been replicated in other regions where the company wants an immediate boost. 

PURIS Website

puris website that won communicator award

Category: General Business-to-Business 

Award Class: Excellence

PURIS is a leading manufacturer in North America for pea protein ingredients  — but their original website made it difficult for food and beverage manufacturers to understand which ingredients were right for them.

Vye created a website that focused on the sustainable mission of the brand. By simplifying ingredients in the navigation, we made it easy to find the product listings most relevant to each visitor. And by separating the grower’s content from the rest of the website, we created a unique user experience for both of their targeted personas.

SAFEbuilt Impact Case Study

Category: General Case Study

Award Class: Distinction

When SAFEbuilt wanted to increase awareness of their services to community development leaders, there was a lot of opportunity — and a lot of ways to do the work.

Through a focused strategy driven by awareness campaigns, paid ads, organic social efforts, content generation, web improvements, and more, we united SAFEbuilt's family of companies, empowered the team to be agile during times of national change, and made life easier for the SAFEbuilt team. This case study video showcases how our work has helped advance their brand and boosted their lead generation.

SAFEbuilt Interactive Storytelling Tool 

safebuilt interactive tool that won communicator award

Category: General Business-to-Consumer

Award Class: Distinction

While many community leaders and private developers across the U.S. could benefit from SAFEbulit's services to expedite development projects and improve community project outcomes, the brand's wide range of services can make it difficult to understand how they bring value to local communities.

Through an interactive web module that follows a fictional city manager through her outsourcing journey with SAFEbuilt, we helped explain how SAFEbuilt's services add value to communities on a local level while simplifying life for city managers.

SAFEbuilt Public Works Video

Category: Advertising Campaigns Business-to-Business

Award Class: Excellence

SAFEbuilt's public works services help communities advance their public works projects. However, the service is underutilized, especially compared to the number of communities struggling to staff these critical departments.

To increase visibility for this service and all that it offers municipalities, we created a video that speaks directly to the challenges many public works departments face and how SAFEbuilt can help make life easier.

Stearns Video: How to Grow Your Business with Stearns Bank Deposit Accounts

Category: General Business-to-Business

Award Class: Distinction

Business deposit accounts are a dime a dozen, making it tough for Stearns Bank to grab the attention of busy entrepreneurs and showcase what makes their offerings unique.

To help Stearns Bank shine, Vye created an engaging animated video that takes viewers on a journey through the perks of the bank's deposit accounts. Using relatable characters and clear visuals, the video emphasizes key features like no hidden fees, no minimum balance requirements, high interest rates, and FDIC insurance.

By showing how these accounts give businesses the financial support and peace of mind they need to grow and innovate, the video positions Stearns Bank as a trusted partner invested in their success. The result? A powerful marketing asset that makes a complex topic easy to understand and engaging for the bank's target audience.

What are the Communicator Awards?

The Communicator Awards recognize excellence, effectiveness, and innovation across all areas of communication. They are one of the leading international awards programs honoring talent in our field.  

The Award of Excellence, their highest honor, is given to entrants whose communication skills position them as the best in the field. The Award of Distinction is presented to projects that exceed industry standards in quality and achievement. 

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