6 Healthcare Marketing Strategies That Work

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Whether you own a small medical practice, work for a large hospital, or provide healthcare insurance or equipment, it’s no secret that healthcare is unlike any other industry out there. And, as a result, marketing for your health company is a lot different than any other industry, as well.

Curious how to make the most of your marketing in the healthcare sector? Let’s talk about six key ways you can make the most of your budget.

1. Spotlight your experts


Your company is successful because of your employees (and their unique expertise). As a result, your people are what most prospects will be looking at when making a decision.

Whether your star team members are medical providers, equipment gurus, or customer service superstars, giving a face to these individuals and talking about their expertise can help win over someone who is trying to decide if you are the best fit for their needs.

Not sure the best way to spotlight your employees? Try:

  • Including a team page on your website (including pictures, bios, and credentials)
  • Including bios for team members on blogs and other applicable pages
  • Showcasing them on social media
  • Customized outreach efforts (e.g., mailers, emails) using photos and information about what your experts can do 

2. Show off what your technology can do

Whether you’re working in B2B or B2C, one thing remains the same: your customer wants business with you to be as easy as possible. So, what better way to show prospects what they’ll get when they work with you than showing off what it’s like to work with your technology?

Whether it’s demos of your EHR software, a look at your online product ordering tool, or a walkthrough of your patient portal, giving glimpses into the process can help inform a customer’s decision process — and give you the upper hand over competitors who keep these processes a secret. 

3. Earn trust with real-life examples

In a world where more people are shopping for their health care, it’s important to use social proof to help convert a shopper into a customer or patient.


Making testimonials easy to access can help prospective customers or patients make a decision about your business faster.

Don’t have a steady stream of testimonials coming in? Taking time to personally request positive reviews on Google can increase these numbers, more providing more feedback more accessible, and cana help boost your SEO. If that sounds intimidating, marketing automation can take the heavy lifting out of the work required to collect reviews. 

You can take this one step further and highlight real success stories. Did your offering help save a medical practice? Save budget? Save a person’s life? Now’s your chance to tell these stories and show, versus tell, how you can help.

4. Talk about precision (often)

While every industry cares about quality, healthcare lives in a league of its own.

Talking about the compliance, regulations, and processes you follow helps build confidence that you are a trustworthy partner. Likewise, updating customers or patients during times of change will also help build trust that you are aware of industry trends and assuming the role of a leading expert.

5. Help patients or customers find what they need

Whether you’re an EHR company, a private practice, or an equipment provider, healthcare companies — by nature — have a wide range of offerings they need to present to consumers. And how you organize your offerings, and how quickly someone can find what they need, will have a large impact on whether or not they choose you over the competition. 

Making information easy to find can take on a lot of different looks, including the following. 


6. Lean into the power of a Google search

All of those jokes about WebMD exist for a reason. When someone is considering medical care, one of the first things they’re going to do is head to Google and type in a question.

It’s a lot easier to get in front of patients if you use the terms they’re looking for on your website. That means you’ll want to make sure that your digital space:

  • Uses the same language as your patients 
  • Includes variations of a service name — that means you’ll need to touch the whole spectrum for each of your services, from “hurt foot” to “foot arthritis” and “plantar fasciitis.”

Google searches aren’t just for patients — it’s also where stressed out providers will go when looking for new softwares, and where hospital administrative staff will search for updated equipment to add to their fleet.

How to pull it all together

Tactics can only do so much on their own — it’s how you use them that drives real impact. Rather than cherry-picking a tactic or two to try on your own, a strategy can help you allocate budget to the tactics that will do the most work within your budget. It’ll also help make sure that your efforts work together to create a more holistic impact for your business.

Not sure where to get started? 

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