Why You Should Be Planning Your 2023 B2B Lead Generation Strategy

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Like most businesses, you probably have some big revenue goals in 2023. But if you’re anything like me, the moment you hop on the treadmill is the moment it becomes clear that you’ll need some sort of accountability plan to get the results you want.

Like many new year’s resolutions, lead generation can feel like a no-brainer — at least, until it comes time to actually get to work. So let’s talk about how you can set up your business, your team, and your prospects for success in 2023.

Wait…what is lead generation again?

Simply put, lead generation is finding people who want or need your product/service (and then nurturing them to actually engage with and buy from you).

The thing with lead generation is that everyone wants leads, and yet few know how to find them (especially within a defined budget). After all, engagement rates are only as good as the revenue they bring in. That’s why it’s so important to have goals that are tied directly to KPIs like revenue growth.

You can’t always depend on what you did in the past

Where most businesses fall short in their lead generation strategy is when they:

  • Reuse what worked for them in the past
  • Re-attempt something that showed no results the last time
  • Mistake a tactic for a strategy

For example, maybe your company has picked tradeshows as the priority for generating leads. So, you register for some tradeshows and get excited for an influx of leads. What is often forgotten at this step is that tactics require supporting tactics to be effective. If you forget to promote your tradeshow booth, or don’t prepare videos, banners, or content to hook prospective customers, the leads you’re looking for may never come.

Or imagine you create a gated offer for your website. A prospect might give their email address in exchange for your download, but if you forget to set up a workflow to nurture that person toward a conversion, you’ll miss out on a lot of potential business.

Don’t get me wrong — your existing marketing strategy is a great place to start. But it’s often not enough to repeat tactics year over year without evaluating how they’re working (and refining as needed).

Let’s talk lead generation ideas

When you think about marketing tactics you can use to attract, nurture, and convert leads, you might think of emails and cold calls. But don’t limit yourself to the obvious.

Lead generation tactics can take a lot of different forms, including:

Vye lead generation icon list

So, how do you pick the right tactics? I like to boil strategies down to what winning looks like, why we will win, and how we will win.

To do that, I ask myself a few questions at the beginning of the planning process:

  • What are we trying to achieve?
  • What are the goals and KPIs we want to hit (and by when)?
  • What tactics need to take priority to drive the strategy home?

The important thing to remember here is that tactics on their own won’t necessarily do the work you need them to. It’s when you combine a tactic with a strong strategy and a lead gen tool that the magic starts to happen.

Get the most out of lead generation tools

Chances are you have qualified leads hidden in the nooks and crannies of your tech stack. Now, all you need to do is find them.

Of course, there are hundreds of lead generation tools out there to help you not only keep track of leads, but also nurture them. Our team has actually vetted many of them, and we have found one that stands apart from the rest time and time again.

What is lead nurturing in HubSpot?

What if I told you that you could get more leads, keep them organized, and engage people with your brand — all without needing to hire someone to make it possible?

HubSpot is not only incredibly easy to use, but it provides a ton of value without bleeding your company’s budget dry. Best of all, it organizes its features into hubs so that you can customize everything from how you track data to automated emails when prospects engage with your website.

When it comes to lead generation, HubSpot’s CRM helps you organize your contacts so you can specifically target prospects who are ready to receive the information you’re sending. It also can save you significant time following up with prospects, with automations doing all of the heavy lifting to people engaged and pushing them toward a conversion.

Gearing up for a big 2023?

You might be thinking that sending nurturing emails, publishing the right content at the right time, and getting in front of the right people sounds like a lot of work. We’d be lying if we said it wasn’t — and sometimes, an extra hand can help you bring in a larger return on your investment.

Maybe you work with an agency right now but aren’t seeing the results you’d like. Or maybe you’ve been working with a small team but are trying to find ways to justify a bigger marketing spend.

No matter your journey, we can work together to develop a lead gen plan that will crush your goals in 2023.

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