Lead Capturing is All About Building Trust: a Video from Wistia

Inbound Marketing

The world of video has come a long way since cat videos took over every single social media feed you own. Our friends at Wistia, a professional video hosting company, put together this quick video explaining how companies in any industry can benefit from video to increase conversion. Video content allows your brand to craft a killer message, create a connection, and build lasting trust. Can you say the same for the rest of your content? Lead capturing and increasing conversion rates is all about building trust with your user. Build trust; build your lead list. It's true - video is actually more than cat videos - it's an integral part of an inbound marketing strategy. Watch our Wistia video to see the logistics of incorporating video as part of your marketing strategy. 



1. Put a Video Behind a Landing Page

Yes, lead capture by video is growing in popularity. Before you try it, ensure your video content is worthy of leads submitting their email address to obtain. Otherwise, you might end up decreasing the trust you've built with your leads.

2. Create a Video Landing Page

Instead of a traditional landing page that relies on copy to direct users down the funnel to submit their information, use a video to ask for it. This can add a nice amount of personalization to your landing page, and it can increase conversion rates.

3. Use Forms Within a Video

Wistia likes the "turnstile" approach of placing forms within videos to capture leads. Use at the beginning, middle, or end of videos.

4. Focus on Long-Term Wins

As with any good content, video content lives forever. The more you can offer users, the more necessary rapport you'll have to drive conversion. 

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