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I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a growing trend in businesses struggling with recruiting. They’re on the lookout for skilled, qualified employees to join their company, but applications aren’t coming in fast enough, applicants are not good fits for the available positions, and businesses aren’t quite sure what to do. If this all sounds a little too familiar, it might be worth your time to consider inbound recruiting.

What is Inbound Recruiting?

Inbound Marketing + Recruiting Well, inbound recruiting is what happens when the inbound marketing methodology is applied to recruitment efforts. Instead of the typical way you would go about recruitment efforts, you set out to attract potential employees, educate them about your organization and the available position, and convert them into an applicant.

From there, you can carry out your typical interview processes. Once all the different components are in place, inbound recruitment efforts end up doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Working with an Inbound Recruitment Specialist

An inbound recruitment specialist is going to be able to help you apply inbound marketing to your recruitment needs. In traditional inbound marketing, you would build out a fictional representation of your ideal customer. In inbound recruiting, you would build out a fictional representation of your ideal applicant.

Your Ideal Applicant

The details can be found by interviewing current employees who hold or have held the position you’re looking to fill, researching job postings by other companies looking to hire the same or a similar individual, searching for ideal applicants on LinkedIn, and also by figuring out which qualities you do not want to see in an applicant.

Applicant Generation

Once you know who it is you want to apply for your open position, you create a way for them to become applicants. This includes creating a landing page for them to apply, but that’s not all. Just about any job seeker knows that finding jobs that they’re a good fit for, with companies they want to work at, is a pretty stressful situation. Inbound recruiting can help.

In today’s market, having a well-worded job posting usually isn’t enough to get noticed. Creating some content that speaks to your ideal applicant will help applicants find your positing. This content can include blogs, videos, and other types of content meant to attract your ideal applicants.

Next, consider making your application process simpler. Do you actually need all of the information you’re requiring applicants to submit? We’ve found that a shorter, more to the point application process can increase the number of submissions significantly – which gives you the opportunity to narrow them down based on skills and qualifications.

Recruiting with Inbound

When you use inbound marketing as a way to recruit employees, you’re increasing the odds that your applicant will know about your company, your products/services, and your culture before ever setting foot in the interview. This means that you have greater odds of getting applicants that will be a good fit all around.

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