Build a Call Script that Will Help You Stand Out from Competitors in the Logistics Industry

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Here’s an experience familiar to many who start out in the 3PL sales business: On their first day they’re given a phone, an email address, and some pointers on how to find prospects. From there, they are set free to navigate business, culture, best practices, and more on their own.  

This is a challenging situation for someone new to sales and can be avoided with proven practices for onboarding and retaining new employees. But first, let’s talk about brand. 

Brand is not a logo. It’s the promise you make to your customers. It’s the experience they have while working with you. It’s the things your customers say behind your back. How do you create a consistent experience from start to finish that will delight your customers and keep them coming back for more? 

A lot of this falls on each salesperson to quote quickly and accurately, operations to manage the loads expertly, and the whole team to over communicate with each other and the customer. But before any of that can happen, the customer must be compelled to work with you. This can be done through powerful, bold messaging.

Here are two messaging components your business should master: 

  1. Value proposition/pitch: What do you do that no one else is able to do? What do you do exceptionally well?
  2. Call and email scripts: What are the things you want your sales team to communicate with every single prospect? What are the words that can be attached to your business?


Build a Value Proposition

When building a value proposition, it’s incredibly important that you focus the statement on the customer, not yourself. Remember, they are the hero of the story. You are simply the guide—the resource for them to achieve their goals. Your value proposition should focus on your prospect’s problem, and how you solve that problem uniquely, efficiently, and with expertise.

Some questions to ask to help build your value proposition:

  1. Who is your customer?
  2. What is their problem?
  3. How do you solve that problem uniquely, efficiently, and with expertise?
  4. What qualifies you to solve that problem? 
  5. What does the customer need to do to work with you? 

Here are common differentiator points:

  1. Lowest price
  2. Fastest 
  3. Error-free
  4. High-touch 
  5. Easy access tools

When you build your value proposition, you should limit the differentiators you talk about. An analogy we use in the marketing world is:

“If everything is bold, then nothing is.” 

If you say you do everything exceptionally well, the assumption is that you, in fact, do none of them well. And if you’ve defined your target market well enough, it should be clear that some of these surface as priorities. Of course everyone wants everything: lowest price, fastest service, error-free, etc. But, as with any industry, your targeted prospects will have priorities. Uncover those priorities and position them within your value proposition. 

Need help building a call script that actually works? We can help.



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