2 Inbound Marketing Campaigns Custom Built for Real Businesses

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Sometimes, the best way to learn something new is to see some real-life examples, with real-life applications. In this blog I’ll share two inbound marketing strategies we created for two different clients, walking through some of the steps I outlined in this blog where I explain HOW to create one of these custom strategies on your own.


Example No. 1 – Online Fine Jewelry Consignment Shop

A local jeweler came to us for help growing their online fine jewelry consignment business. Because they came in with a budget, I started there and worked backward.

Step 1: Set a Goal

I knew going in to this project that website traffic was very low. With a limited budget guiding our plans, I chose to focus on one persona for the first 8 months. Here are the goals we set out to achieve:

  • Increase website traffic by 25% in 8 months
  • Have 5 new contacts list a piece of jewelry on the website
Steps 3 & 4: Outline Tactics & Timeline

For this project I skipped step number 2 (brainstorm big) because I knew we had a tight budget. So I started by listing all the tactics I thought needed to be utilized:

  • Website Updates
  • Market and Persona Research
  • Buyer’s Journey
  • Blogs
  • Forms
  • List Segmentation
  • Social Media Advertising – Facebook & Pinterest Ads
  • Social Media Interaction – Facebook & Pinterest
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Testimonials

Because the budget restricted us from doing everything at once, I created a timeline that would put the right tactics to use at the right time, in the right order. I had 8 hours to work with a month – so here is what I proposed:

custom inbound marketing strategy

Step 5: Analyze & Adjust

As you’ll see in the timeline, I made room in our budget to review contact activity and see how our audience is responding. At these check points I can make the call to add new tactics, stop ones that aren’t performing, or leave everything as is and allow it to work a little longer and generate more data.


Example No. 2 – Senior Lifestyle & Living Organization

For another of our clients, we wrote and designed a Memory Journal as a downloadable offer for their website. As an organization dedicated to the life and health of older adults, this offer was designed to introduce prospects and current residents to their memory care services and provide a tool they could use to capture their memories. Here’s a glimpse inside:

Your memories are important. Not just to you, but to your children, grandchildren, and loved ones. What do you hope to pass on to them? Use this journal to record your memories to keep for yourself or give to the ones you love.

In an effort to generate more traffic to and downloads of this offer, we outlined a custom inbound marketing strategy designed solely for this piece of content. This would, in turn, position this organization’s memory care programs and services above the competition.

Step 1: Set Goals

We wanted to expand the reach of this downloadable offer online and offline, so here are the goals we set:

  • Sell 300+ Memory Books (bound, hard-cover journals)
  • Attract 100 visits to the Landing Page each month (50 coming from social sources)
  • Gather 15 new email addresses of current residents/family or potential prospects each month (5 from social sources)
  • Convert 10 contacts into sales qualified leads in 4 months
Step 2: Think Big and Be Bold, But Be Intentional

With these goals in mind, we brainstormed and outlined the following plan – holding nothing back! Here is a condensed and summarized version of the full plan:

custom inbound marketing campaign

Steps 3-6: On Hold

Our client chose not to move forward with this plan at this time, so the remaining steps of building a custom inbound marketing strategy are not currently being executed. However, should they decide they want to enhance the reach of this offer and their memory care services, we’ll have the plan ready to go!


Each project has a unique goal, which requires specific marketing tactics at different levels of intensity. Our team dives into these projects knowing that our plans aren’t fool-proof. Marketing is an art and a science, so we combine our creativity with data to define a plan and adapt as we go.

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