Marketing just got smarter.

The Meta 13 team is known for world-class website design & development. Vye is known for award-winning marketing. The teams combine to help agencies win.

Agencies: we're here to set you up for the win.

On May 1, Vye acquired Meta 13, a website design and development firm in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Together, we will fulfill our mission to redefine marketing as a measurable growth investment. 


Wait, what?

You may be thinking, ‘there’s no way I’m trusting my technology and development to another agency!’ Fear, doubt—and even a surge of panic—may have you feverishly searching your phone directory for alternative development partners. But before you take action, hear us out. 

You don’t have to find another development partner, and here’s why: 

  • Vye will not talk to your clients. Period. Privacy and confidentiality agreements will outline legal and ethical boundaries, and we’ll maintain zero tolerance for stepping outside of those agreements. 
  • Client concepts, ideas, and information will remain confidential and accessible only to project stakeholders. 
  • We promise to work with you at the onset of every scope and project to clarify confidentiality boundaries and agreements. We’ll persist with clear communications and partnerships aimed to exceed expectations.  

We get it. You work tirelessly to earn your clients’ trust. Your relationships are built on a foundation of time, energy, and results fueled by breakthrough ideas and incremental progress that drives continuous growth.

It’s exceptionally rare to find a marketing agency with strength in data, technology and creativity, but with this acquisition, Vye has award-winning expertise in all three. We can help fill the holes and augment the things you, in turn, do exceptionally well. We can set you up to win with your clients. 

We’re not looking for credit. We’re looking for results. 

Let’s connect to explore a partnership that works for you. Want to see what this could mean for your company? Let's chat. 

To ensure uninterrupted service to you, please direct support issues to and inquiries about new and existing projects to Justin or Sarah




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The Meta 13 team is known for its world-class website design, development, and programming. So—what does Vye bring to the table? Learn more about our expertise in marketing strategy, brand-building, and HubSpot.  

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