The Best Time To Send Email, According to Marketing and Sales Experts

Dominique Bohler

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When’s the best time to send email?

If you were hoping for one, definitive answer to this question, you may need to readjust your expectations.

The truth is in the nuance.

Every subscriber, and their relationship with your company, is unique.

What’s more is that every person behaves differently throughout their day. We all have different schedules, priorities, and distractions that often dictate when and where we check our email.

If there was some magical time to send email, then your subscribers’ (as well as your own) inbox would become flooded at that time every week.

A better question to ask would be, “is there a best time for our company to send email given what we know about our subscribers?”

Like all marketing channels, we must take specific steps to understand what works best for our audience. Some marketers prefer to use a test-driven approach for learning this, while others use buyer personas and qualitative feedback to optimize send time.

There are even a few tools that use artificial intelligence to look at past email engagement, and customize future send time for you.

Rather than try to discover individual best times, we asked marketers from the Databox Partner Program about the strategies they use to find the best time for any sales or marketing email.

We grouped the responses by strategy so you can learn a range of ways to execute each one.

Some of the participants even shared why they do not believe send time is a major factor, and instead focus on other parts of the email.


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