Social Media Explained ... by Mark Schaefer

"Social Media Explained ... by Mark Schaefer"

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Businesses that are struggling with social media marketing are not alone, but they are falling behind other, more social-savvy organizations who know how to represent their brands using social media. The fact is, social media is worth your time - but if it feels like you're spinning your wheels and falling short in the ROI department, you might just need a little inspiration and guidance. 

Social Media Explained... by Mark Schaefer

Standing out in today's noisy, digital world depends on social media. It's where consumers spend the majority of their time, so it's high time we start meeting them where they're at. And if you want to turn the time you invest in social media into something well worth your while but you're unsure how to start, I recommend you get to know Mark Schaefer: 

Social Media Explained | Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaefer is a globally known marketing expert and author. He speaks, he podcasts, and he consults, all in an effort to help businesses grow through representing themselves authentically on social media. His clients include global brands like Dell, Adidas, and Pfizer, and he has six best-selling books under his belt. But enough about his resume - Mark is the real deal.

He has an expert approach to cutting through the hype and breaking down what social media really does for businesses - because social media sites aren't just platforms, they're tools that can amplify your business, connect to your customers, and keep brands thriving. There's no easier place to meet, greet, and connect with your people, and Mark knows the steps to do it successfully. 

Mark Schaefer presenting in Minneapolis, Minnesota April 2018 at One Squared

See Mark Present at One Squared

Mark's presentation style is energizing, to say the least. Well-known for his high-energy, fun-filled presentation skills, he's a wordsmith, a comic, and an expert.

During his One Squared presentation, Mark will be sharing his personal brand of social media expertise in ways that get you excited and keep you interested. Mark brings clarity to methods for breaking through the online clutter and getting noticed where it matters most. 

The Future of Marketing

The future of marketing is now, and what you do today is going to determine where you, and your organization, stand. Find out what strategies will get you to stand out and learn where the rules of customer engagement through content are going. 

You can get your ticket to see Mark Schaefer's unforgettable presentation live at our 2018 marketing event: One Squared. It's a one-day marketing seminar, jam-packed with experts and inspiration that'll leave you bursting with concrete ways to build your brand using social media. Get tickets now.

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