Leighton Interactive's Brand Evolution

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Updating your brand doesn't mean you have to start over. It's an evolution

Leighton Interactive’s branding has really come a long way in just five years. Our latest branding looks a lot different and is much more defined, but we really didn’t take a huge leap to get here –we took a lot of leaps. Let’s take a look at our identity and branding from the very beginning and watch it grow up, and into the beauty it is today.



This logo was designed by Travis McGinnis. When Leighton Interactive was established, we obviously needed a logo before we could start any marketing for ourselves. (Back then we didn’t have a designer yet.) I have to admit, this is a strong logo especially since it was created in Fireworks by a website developer!

Travis even designed these business cards too. (Notice how our tagline said “Integrated Media” – What does that even mean!?)



11-Branding-Elements.png 12-Branding-Elements.png

Welcome to the robotic side of Leighton Interactive. Here is where Brandon started experimenting with some different styles. Our brand started to get weird, in a good way! TVs, ethernet cables, grass, and electricity all wrapped up together with an industrial feel. Our tagline was still “Integrated Media,” which represented integrating websites with radio and other marketing tactics. At this time we were still shooting from the hip and not only trying to create an identity, but also discover it at the same time. As we were coming together and starting to build our business, we simply tried things on that looked cool at the time. 




As our team grew, along with our body, so did our brand and identity. We decided we really weren’t an “Integrated Media” company, we were a “Marketing & Advertising Agency". We cleaned up our look, defined our brand promise as "We Prove Our Work Works" and started incorporating a cleaner, more professional style along with the "proof" concept. Travis started brewing us our own craft beer and we created an ambigram logo for 100 Proof Creative Joose. One line of copy on the back, still a bit kitschy, was "We wanted to call it Leighton Uff-Da Drink, like, it's late enough to drink," punny eh? The rest was pretty solid though. But, moving on ...





Our identity took hold and continued to jump forward throughout 2014. We launched a new version of the website and started implementing inbound marketing. Our logo got a facelift too. We took a notch off the “L” in our icon to make that angle more consistent with the rest of the logo. The typography got cleaned up, the spacing improved, and the iconic circle came into being. We also went with a new color scheme of navy, bright blue, and cream. Most importanly, we continued to build off of our brand promise and did some Primal Branding on ourselves to continue to bring our new found identity to life.




In 2015 we finally established who we are. Our iconic circle icon held strong and our tagline changed from “Marketing & Advertising” to “Demand Results.” We made a new website and started thinking through the user experience and buyers journey. We got rid of the cream color and stuck with white, bright blue, and navy.



The Black Album. Our latest branding is by far our strongest. We ditched the navy color and used black, charcoal, blue, and white. All of our materials are usually on a black background and we use very little blue. On our website we kept everything in black and white so that our blue links would contrast and draw your attention.



This video was our inspiration for the new branding. Lots of x’s and angles. Very random yet intentional.


Now and Then


When you see the comparison from where we started to where we are now it’s drastically different. But we didn’t just get here overnight. Our brand has been slowly changing and evolving. We’re constantly improving, tweaking, and upgrading just as our company has!


What do you think of your company’s branding? Does it need to be updated or tweaked?


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