How to Be a Change-Maker in Marketing

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Did you know 65 percent of people don't feel creatively fueled at work? 

A shoutout to Beth Comstock, a keynote speaker at INBOUND 2018, for slapping me in the face with that stat. That's A LOT of people who probably feel like they aren't getting the most of their career, their work, or themselves. 

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I've been there and you probably have too. Whether you live in that 65 percent everyday or you experience it once a year - the one thing you need in those moments is change

So how do you grab life by the you-know-what and create your own change in 2019? This blog is all about becoming the change-maker you need in your career to fuel your work and fill your cup! 


What is A Change-Maker?

Change-makers have been described as "people who can see the patterns around them." They also "desire change in the world, and by gathering knowledge and resources, makes change happen.”

How to Be a Changemaker in Marketing

My definition of a change-maker is someone who:

  • Explores
  • Collaborates
  • Connects the dots
  • Focuses on solutions
  • Takes action
  • Tries new things
  • Says "yes" to the scary stuff
  • Says "yet" like in the following... "I don't know how to manage a CRM... yet" or "Creative writing isn't my thing... yet"

But the most important definition of a change-maker is what it means to you

The great thing about change is it doesn't matter who its owner is. Anyone (yes, anyone) can be a change-maker. You don't have to be the employee with the highest seniority at your company or the person with all of the ideas and answers. You just have to start - and a great place to start is by reading the next paragraph. 

How To Be A Change-Maker

According to Comstock, there are three ways to become a better, happier, and more successful change-maker. Anyone can be one if they take the following steps to get there:  


Take risks! People are going to say no to your new ways of moving forward or "risky ideas" because they want to keep their power/control. Take their "no" and use it as an invitation to move forward - view it as a "no, not yet" and keep striving for a way to make that change happen.  

2. Discover

You know the saying, the world is your oyster/classroom/playground/etc. It basically means the world is yours, so explore it! Discover new things and make curiosity a part of your daily routine - or job if you're able. Comstock suggests following the 70/20/10 framework each day to help with this. Focus 70 percent of your day on what's happening now, 20 percent on what's happening next, and 10 percent on what's new.

3. Make it happen 

Don't be afraid to fail - it's the "F-word" of business - and it should be forbidden - with a capital F.

Take your ideas from steps one and two and either put them into action or nurture them with the help of others. Just remember you can't delegate change, you have to lead it! So whether it's leading it on your own and leading a team of change-makers, you've got this. 

If you're looking for ways to put your change into action, Comstock suggests starting with a story. During her keynote, Comstock said, "all a strategy is, is a story well-told" and "if you're a leader of change, start with a story." 



Why it matters

Change is happening everywhere. The marketing industry alone changed dramatically in 2018 - from chatbots and AI to virtual reality and influencer marketing. Now, think about how your company or your role has changed in the last year.

Exactly. That's why it's important to know how to be a change-maker for yourself, your career, and your company. If you want to keep growing, you need to keep changing. 


So, I'll leave you with this one last thought to get you started: What's your 10 percent? What are you going to give yourself permission to explore and tackle head-on in 2019? Whatever it is, have a little faith in yourself and just dive right it. The truth is that one really knows what they're doing, they're just trying and learning as they go. And you can too.  

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