Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger: A Tech Company Website Designed to WIN

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An Epic Redesign Story

I’m about to tell you an epic website redesign story. But to understand how important this website redesign project was, you must first understand Marco. Marco is a national technology company rooted in the Midwest that has exploded in size and services over the last decade:

  • Growing from a couple hundred to over 1,500 employees 
  • Serving over 36,000 customers 
  • Expanding from a few locations to well over 50 
  • Becoming an award-winning provider (In too many categories to count) 

We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Marco for over five years, and have seen a lot of that growth firsthand. 

Time to Level Up 

We designed Marco’s previous website four years ago, which garnered incredible digital growth. In the beginning of 2019, however, it became clear a redesign was needed. The tech world moves quickly, and the bar is very high when it comes to online user experience. Here are just a few things Marco hoped to solve with a redesign: 

  • Site map/page structure that aligned with their updated service offerings 
  • Refined conversion strategy that would generate more leads
  • Optimized website with improved performance 
  • Human-centric approach to content
  • Streamlined user experience and navigation
  • Clarity around the buying process for prospects 
  • High-tech design that elevated the overall brand
  • ADA compliance throughout the website  
  • Modular design approach that was easy to edit and add to ongoing 
  • And last but not least: migrating off of their old CMS to the HubSpot CMS! 

When you see the robust list above, you can begin to imagine what was at stake. Here are some other challenges the Marco team faced:

  • Lack of clarity with prospects and internal teams around service offerings — service pages were outdated and the navigation system was cumbersome
  • Misaligned perceptions for prospects — the high-tech brand wasn’t being represented well with a four-year-old website 
  • Always battling the “too small or too big” issue — their old website didn’t do much to address the needs of both big and small businesses 
  • Constant challenges around updating their site — the backend was antiquated and had a poor backend editing experience

Big Challenges Call For Big Solutions 

So how do you design a website that has hundreds of pages and a hefty list of challenges and desires alike? You start with the user in mind, of course. Throughout this process we used the target audiences (prospective customers, prospective employees, and current employees) as our guiding light. 

Marco-2019-Website-moodboardThe process started with an in-depth discovery session with the client to uncover their needs so we could begin building the site map. The site map build was one of the most intensive parts of the entire project!

As a critical aspect in user experience, we were faced with quite the challenge: How do we showcase the offerings in a way that promotes cross-selling and cross-awareness? And above all — how could we simplify? Our process ultimately led us to implement: 


With a simplified page structure and some solid strategies in our toolbox, we moved into the sketching, wireframing, and content stage. It was at this point we were able to truly dig into the crucial user experience design.

This stage is where we mapped out a unique and custom navigation experience — one that is a novelty in their industry and within website design as a whole. We also began to address the content needs. We crafted content that spoke to the target audiences and solved the “too big or too small” issues they were facing. 

Phase 1 Sketches

Main Navigation Dropdown & Revolutionary Sub Nav Design



With a human-centric user experience plan in place, we moved into the design and development phase. Throughout this phase, we had to balance existing brand stands with updated and contemporary design solutions to strike the perfect balance of design that would elevate the brand. And all of this would be done using the HubSpot CMS to create a seamless backend editing experience.  

Old Website 


New Website

Check the website out for yourself! 


It Doesn’t Work Until The Data Says So

At our core, we are creative souls. But we know as well as anyone that beauty isn’t enough when it comes to marketing. While aesthetic is important, numbers speak louder than words:



Overall Organic Sessions Growth

Overall blog View Growth

Overall Landing Pages VieW Growth

Notes about the data: 

  • Data percentages were gathered by comparing May 17, 2019 – Oct 16, 2019. vs Oct 17, 2019 (launch date) – March 17, 2020.
  • Percentages have been rounded up or down to the nearest .5%.
  • Data graphs represent June 1 - Feb 29 to show the progression without half months in May 2019 and March 2020 skewing the visual.  

The Impact

It’s hard not to get gushy when it comes to talking about Marco. They have, in many ways, defined what a great partnership means to us. This project further deepened our relationship. We had the opportunity to solve some really complex and large-scale challenges and Marco gained some incredible tools to support their business goals: 

  • An updated website design and user experience 
  • A much easier backend editing experience on the high-powered HubSpot CMS
  • A refined conversion strategy based on the marketing flywheel
  • And so much more! 

A few words from the Marco team:

And the best part? This isn’t the end of this epic tale. Building a human-centric digital presence is a challenge that evolves as much as humans do. And together, we will meet that challenge each and every time and win.

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