6 PR Services Your Business Can Use

"6 PR Services Your Business Can Use"

NewspapersThe public relations industry encompasses a variety of services. Depending on what you’re looking to get out of using public relations for your business will be the deciding factor in which agency you decide to work with. Maybe you want to be featured in a newspaper or magazine, maybe you need someone to manage your business’s reputation in the public eye, maybe you want to get your event publicity, or maybe you need help organizing and promoting your next tradeshow or expo. This can all be done using PR, and I’m here to explain six of the major PR services to help you decide how PR can fit into your business model…

  1. Crisis Management

If you’re looking for help anticipating, containing, and responding effectively to a crisis that may arise involving your company, then crisis management is right for you. Having a crisis plan available for any issues that may arise is crucial for you company. It can be a matter of your company keeping its good name versus losing credibility and trust completely. By working with a public relations agency, you will be able to use their expertise to create an effective plan “just in case”. With your business, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Media Relations and Placement

Media relations and placement is what most are familiar with when hearing “PR”. This sector of public relations focuses on media placement and building key relationships with influencers in your business’s industry. If you’re working with an agency that does PR, they will build these relationships for you and try to place your business’ news and content in publications and/or get you airtime on radio or television.  

  1. Media Training

One aspect of PR that most people take for granted is media training. Working with an agency offering PR services can include media training, which if your business will be doing any public appearances or interviews, media training can be very beneficial. From working with a public relations specialist, you will gain a greater understanding of PR and learn how to work with the media whether it be interviews, press conferences, events, or the like.

  1. Event Management

Conferences, meetings, tradeshows, expos, press tours… these are just a few common events businesses plan and partake in. Working with a PR agency is one way to properly have your event communicated with the media, business partners, and customers to increase awareness. A PR team can also take care of the planning. They can provide vendor recommendations, create and manage invitation lists, assist in budgeting, and oversee the site on the days leading up to and day of the event. If your business needs assistance in researching, planning, executing, and evaluating an event as well as getting the media’s attention, event management is a PR service to consider.

  1. Public Affairs

While public relations focuses more on a company’s, organization’s, or person’s standing with the public, public affairs is more so related to matters that concern the public directly. Public affairs is a branch of public relations, but unlike other specialties in public relations, public affairs requires additional knowledge in two particular areas: government and politics. Those working in public affairs work direct with local, state, and federal lawmakers and politicians and work in their client’s best interest. If there is a law or policy your business needs or wants passed, working with a public affairs professional is the way to go.

  1. Internal Communications

A number of PR agencies offer internal communications services to businesses. In terms of PR, internal communication involves understanding how employees engage with a brand, a company, and each other; with certain PR services, you can help improve this engagement. Some internal communication plans can include: filming corporate videos, writing internal newsletters, surveying employees, building an internal micro-website, and creating communication policies.

Public relations is all about getting your business attention in the right way, and there are a number of ways to do this as you can see from the list above. Once you know what your business needs are when it comes to PR, you can begin the process of finding the perfect PR partner for you.

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