5 Signs Your Marketing ROI Is About To Explode

"5 Signs Your Marketing ROI Is About To Explode"

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Is your company on the verge of a marketing boom?

If you give a volcanologist the right data, they can predict pretty accurately when and where a volcano will erupt. The ground will swell. The seismographs will twitch. The temperature will rise. And then, one day, kaboom

In the same vein, sometimes you can tell that a company’s marketing strategy is paying off. It’s just a matter of time. And, maybe, the right catalyst. 

So how do you take your company to the next level? How do you build awareness, increase the bottom line, and multiply your growth? And most importantly, how do you know when you’re ready? Do you know what signs indicate that you’re about to take off? 

If you’re seeing the following five signs, watch that business seismograph — because you’re on the verge of enormous growth. And with a little work and the right guidance, you’ll be ready to ride that wave as your marketing ROI explodes like a volcano.

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1. Your customers keep returning

You believe in your product — and that confidence is shared by your customers. You get good feedback and your reviews are mostly 5 stars.

Word-of-mouth is always one of the most powerful forces in driving new business. But you can’t build an entire marketing strategy around word-of-mouth. It’s not sustainable or scalable. 

You know you’ll continue pushing out a solid product. That’s a given. But by diversifying your marketing channels to reach more people, you’ve raised awareness and inserted yourself into the conversation. 

When new audiences encounter your brand for the first time, guess where they’ll head first? User reviews! And since you have excellent user reviews, you’ve prospected a new set of promising leads for your marketing and sales teams to capitalize on. This feedback loop is vital. But it all starts with the initial brand loyalty that you cultivated. 

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2. Your existing content gets good engagement 

You already have a pretty diverse marketing portfolio. You’ve explored some traditional outbound marketing avenues like mailers and email campaigns. But you’re also taking advantage of newer inbound methods like cultivating search engine optimized blog content and active social media posting. 

You get a decent amount of engagement. Your website visitor numbers are growing. Your Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn posts get a respectable number of shares, likes, and comments, and you engage with clients on the platforms they prefer. You may even be using more contemporary tools like collaborating with influencers and using boosted socials on your preferred platforms.

You’re doing your research. You know what keywords your customers are searching for, and you understand the best practices of SEO. Your meta descriptions, alt tags, and website functionality are all of the highest quality. You’re consistently producing valuable content and you understand what your customers are looking for.

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3. Your lead conversion rate is high

You have an all-star sales team, and your training is top-notch. You know this because you gather good data on leads, conversions, and sales, and you’ve set up excellent systems to gather, track and measure that data. You’ve built a culture around always trying to improve, and it shows. You know from your market research that you convert leads at a high rate. Because your foundation is so good, you know that more leads will result in more sales. The trick is generating more.

There are countless tactics. You’ve probably invested in a CRM that has powerful prospecting tools. You’ve likely implemented free trials, opt-in opportunities on your website, and targeted email marketing campaigns. 

But you’re never stagnant. You’re constantly adjusting goals, campaigns, and tactics in response to what works. You understand that your marketing strategy always has room for improvement. You’re daring. You believe that data-driven strategies pay serious dividends.

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4. You’re interested in exploring other marketing channels

The options for new and different marketing channels can seem never-ending. Some companies stick with what they know. But you’re steering your ship and you’re not afraid to venture into unexplored waters. It doesn’t scare you: it excites you.

There’s freedom in this ocean full of marketing channels and infinite ways to leverage them. 

An open-minded approach to new channels keeps your marketing strategy fresh and flexible. Maybe you’re jumping into Youtube and TikTok. Maybe you’re on the cutting-edge of NFTs. 

Some channels will be duds. Others will be unmitigated successes. They’ll expose your brand to entirely new audiences. And if you’ve targeted your campaign well, those audiences will be receptive to your message, and you’ll be calling them customers in no time.


5. You’re ready to commit resources to your marketing

To quote the only president for whom we named a stuffed animal (that would be Teddy Roosevelt), “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Any time you’re talking about increasing your return on investment it will require…an investment. Of time, money, and labor. You know this, and you’re willing to jump in when you know there will be a solid marketing ROI.

You know exactly what you can afford to commit to take your marketing strategy to the next level. You’ve set goals and set aside the money to make those goals happen. You’re ready to thoughtfully deploy resources, and partner with people who can make those resources work for you.

We’ll help ignite your marketing strategy

Do you recognize yourself and your company clearly mirrored in the descriptions above? Or does your marketing strategy need a bit of Windex?

At Vye Agency, we understand exactly what it takes to leverage marketing budgets and strategies for our clients. Interested? Contact us today.

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