4 Attributes of the Perfect Business for Inbound

"4 Attributes of the Perfect Business for Inbound"

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Inbound Marketing is at the core of what we do. We believe in its success so much that we are willing to bet any business can benefit from having an Inbound Marketing strategy.

While Inbound Marketing isn’t a new term, there are a lot of businesses who still don’t use it or haven’t even heard of it. If you are familiar with Inbound Marketing and all of the tactics that go along with it, that’s great! However, if you are still unsure how this type of marketing can help your business succeed, read on. These are the four attributes that make up the perfect client.

1. B2B Businesses

GettyImages-905746192Because Inbound Marketing is made to deliver the information people are searching for, it is just right for B2B businesses. When your prospects need a question answered or want to learn more, your company can be right there waiting with an eBook or offer. The beauty in this is that prospects can research and engage in a digital-only interaction with your company without being solicited. This is the very beginning stage of the nurturing process. And it's worth being one of the first to offer up that information, because a staggering 35-50% of sales go to vendors that respond first.

2. Niche products or services

Being the company with a product or service that only you offer is a huge benefit for finding customers. Think of the last time you Googled an obscure question or concern you had. You probably had very few results on your page and of the results you had, only about half were relevant. Think of these types of searches as opportunities for your business. You can use these gaps in information to research keywords and attract relevant traffic to your site. Once a visitor finds your site, turn them into a lead by offering a high-quality offer.

3. Large geographical coverage or major population

GettyImages-871572700When your business covers a large range of people and areas, Inbound Marketing is a no-brainer for you.  There are simply more people that need what you have when you have this attribute. Just remember that people don't want to be bombarded with sales calls and ads, they want to take time to come to the conclusions they need. They want to read eBooks, digital offers, and watch videos before they decide to partner with your company. Seth Godin's blog on, Permission Marketing, is a must read for more information on this topic.

4. Large ticket sales

Inbound marketing is great for all clients, but you are going to see the most success when you are willing to spend more money on your strategy and you have bigger ticket items to sell. While Inbound Marketing probably could work out well for your local grocery store, it wouldn't be as necessary for them to do because people are going to go to the grocery store regardless. But on the other hand your local caterer might use Inbound Marketing to attract some new clients that wouldn't have known they existed before. 

If your business has any of the above attributes, you may want to consider a lead-nurturing campaign and give your potential customers a pathway to what they want when they want it!

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