Project Coordinator

Full-Time, Exempt
Reports to: Project Manager

Experience: Entry to mid-level

Does praise for your organizational skills make your heart sing? Is your ideal day filled with opportunities to solve problems, cross off lists of details, and help teammates and clients bring amazing results across the finish line? Then the role of Project Coordinator should speak to your inner happiness. As the Project Coordinator, you are the yin to the Account Manager yang, constantly communicating (and occasionally disagreeing), scheduling projects large and small, and navigating details with the creative teamall while considering what's best for our clients, team members, and bottom line of the agency.


  1. Act as a bridge between clients and internal team members; ensure project requirements are clearly understood by all involved, provide details and direction on projects, and manage internal and client pivots and communications.
  2. Provide feedback and solutions on project timelines using our project management system (Asana) while proactively planning for agency traffic and team capacity.
  3. Implement internal processes to set, manage, and communicate deadlines for tasks and projects to align Account Managers, Project Coordinators, and creative team members.
  4. Work alongside the Account Manager to onboard new clients; diligently overseeand elevateprojects in order to grow and maintain existing client relationships.
  5. Ensure client satisfaction with professional communication, timely responses; ensure quality proofreading and brand reviews to make sure it meets client and agency standards.
  6. Organize project kick-off meetings, onboarding, budget tracking and close-out of projects and partnerships. 
  7. Prepare account management documents such as meeting agendas, meeting reports, proposals and other client communications and correspondence.
  8. Participate in, and document, discussions during client meetings and conference calls.
  9. Set and communicate deadlines for key tasks; negotiate with account managers on client needs, and with creative staff about the time they need to do a thorough job.
  10. Ensure the creative staff has all they need to do their best work (e.g., the right files, the creative brief, clear deadlines).
  11. Learn and understand financial terminology and the impact on project budgets.
  12. Remain current on all aspects of client marketing trends and other areas affecting clients' businesses.
  13. Miscellaneous tasks as requested by the Account Manager.

Competencies and Attributes

  1. You’re passionate about learning new things.
  2. You’re efficient, creative, and results-driven.
  3. You foster a fire for ongoing learning professionally and personally.
  4. You thrive in a fast-paced, creative agency setting.
  5. You’re able to work well independently, both taking direction and collaborating with a team.
  6. You thrive in an innovative environment where you’re encouraged to push the envelope, bring change, and achieve goals.
  7. You fearlessly ask questions while trusting your instincts and past experiences. 


  1. 2+ years experience in digital marketing at an agency or in-house marketing position. Experience in marketing strategy and strategic planning a plus.
  2. Experience in executing successful digital marketing campaigns.
  3. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in marketing, communications, sales management, or other relevant fields.
  4. Strong working knowledge of the internet and digital marketing practices.
  5. Excellent communication skills.
  6. Ability to manage and create social media, email marketing, blogs, and other content creation and customer engagement opportunities on behalf of clients.
  7. Experience working with marketing automation platforms, preferably HubSpot.
  8. Strong aptitude for analytics, data, metrics, and reporting.
  9. Excellent organizational and time management skills; ability to work toward goals within deadlines.

Core Values

  1. Stay sharp. We are hungry to learn and innovate and we know we get to do what we do because we create solutions day in and day out. Roadblocks? We remove them. Status quo? Not on our watch. Complacency and comfort are both growth inhibitors.
  2. Serve others. Protect the house. Serve the people. We prop others up and extend our hands because being cutthroat is no way to live. We’re reliable and respectful and focused on teamwork and the unity it brings to our spaces. We don’t let drama live here. 
  3. Give a damn. We do whatever it takes. Not because we have to, but because we want to. We take pride in being self-directed and we own problems and seek to understand. Above all, we are passionate about all we do and who we get to do it with.
  4. Make it fun. We get to work in the most exciting industry in the world. We love what we do and find the fun in our jobs daily. We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re relatable, we’re rational, and we’re a little bit rebellious.
  5. Humbly Confident. We were born to own our story and nothing should stop us from being comfortable with showcasing our true spirit. We’re vulnerable when it counts, confident without being arrogant, and we help others achieve their own humble confidence.

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