Marketing Technology Manager

Reports to: Vice President
Status: Full-Time, exempt

The Marketing Technology Manager at Vye is the leader of innovation around paid media, marketing technology platforms and integrations, data and reporting, keyword research, and conversion strategies. This role is responsible for driving measurable results for key client partnerships using the inbound marketing methodology. The Marketing Technology Manager combines expertise in digital marketing with communication skills to present and pitch new ideas to Vye clients.


Lead and help execute paid media for Vye clients

  • Paid search, geo-based advertising like addressable geo-targeting, contextual retargeting, programmatic, paid social (e.g. ABM and targeting with LinkedIn, or D2C ads on Instagram, Facebook, etc.), OTT, connected TV, traditional media.
  • Be the in-house expert in tools like and others.
  • Marketing technology and strategic guidance: Lead agency innovations with tools like HubSpot through beta testing opportunities, innovations, team certifications. Be the face of the Vye HubSpot partnership alongside account management and new business development team members.
  • Broaden the agency’s technology partnerships over time.
  • Elevate the agency’s strategy capabilities around “tech stacks”, integrations, revenue operations, end-to-end tech stack mapping. 
  • Consult the agency client services team and our clients on what technology to buy and guide the strategy on how it all works together. 
  • For integrations this means helping clients understand how to integrate tools like HubSpot with tools like Salesforce/Zoho/Dynamics, Terminus, Shopify/Magento, ERPs, Asana, WordPress, Dropbox… the list goes on! 
  • Work closely to collaborate with the agency’s team members and clients in areas like conversational marketing (integrating Slack, etc.).
  • Be the go-to idea person at the agency for digital and inbound marketing tactics. Help build innovative technology into strategic campaign builds for Vye clients (chatbots, lead scoring, attribution reporting, basic ecommerce applications, etc.).

Keyword Research

  • Assist Inbound Marketing Specialists with what phrases, terms, and content clusters to target.
  • Blend business acumen, intuition, and search volume data to help our creative team layer in keywords and phrases natively to drive measurable results.
  • Assist copywriters with what blog, video, and other content should be produced to help our clients win in their marketplace.

Website strategy

  • Help build website architectures through the technology lens. Help us answer questions like: what CTAs should go where and WHY? How many words should be on this page to maximize search ranking? What would be the most impactful content to publish for some quick wins and for long-term success?

Provide insight and recommendations to leverage data/analytics

  • Document continuous improvement based on data-driven hypotheses.
  • Increase conversion rate for Vye clients on landing pages, emails, social posts, etc., and benchmark data to illustrate a narrative for our clients so they can tell a story internally to justify their spend.

Competencies, Attributes & Qualifications

  • Solid client presentation skills, as this role will bounce in and out of client relationships.
  • Demonstrated experience working with marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot.
  • Associate’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming, web development, or similar area is preferred, but not required.
  • 5+ years experience working at a marketing agency is preferred.
  • Expert level experience and knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other paid media platforms.
  • Additional experience with Salesforce and other CRMs, texting tools, etc. is preferred.
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills; ability to work toward goals within deadlines and budget.
  • Working knowledge of inbound marketing including online and digital marketing practices.

Core Values

  1. Stay sharp. We are hungry to learn and innovate and we know we get to do what we do because we create solutions day in and day out. Roadblocks? We remove them. Status quo? Not on our watch. Complacency and comfort are both growth inhibitors.
  2. Serve others. Protect the house. Serve the people. We prop others up and extend our hands because being cutthroat is no way to live. We’re reliable and respectful and focused on teamwork and the unity it brings to our spaces. We don’t let drama live here. 
  3. Give a damn. We do whatever it takes. Not because we have to, but because we want to. We take pride in being self-directed and we own problems and seek to understand. Above all, we are passionate about all we do and who we get to do it with.
  4. Make it fun. We get to work in the most exciting industry in the world. We love what we do and find the fun in our jobs daily. We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re relatable, we’re rational, and we’re a little bit rebellious.
  5. Humbly Confident. We were born to own our story and nothing should stop us from being comfortable with showcasing our true spirit. We’re vulnerable when it counts, confident without being arrogant, and we help others achieve their own humble confidence.

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